caled in the midle of the night - oe ring - hang up
 Jan 12th, 2010
Called several different times. Odd hours. One to two rings then hangs up. Any ideas?
 Jan 05th, 2010
I have been getting calls from this number and other similar numbers 206-397-1522 Caller ID says Unavailable, 206-397-1534 Caller ID says Seattle Wa 206-397-1507 Caller ID says Unavailable. These calls come at varies times of the days and they only let the phone ring 1/2 to one ring. This has been going on for several weeks now. Today the calls came in at 5:36am, 6:56am, 7:41am and 8:52am. I called all the numbers back and they all had the same message. Thanks for calling back and push 1 if you want to be removed from their calling list. I am on the DO NOT CALL list as well. A lot of good that list does us.
 Jan 04th, 2010