Sorry to say, but being on a DO NOT CALL LIST does NOT stop someone from getting your number...ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE A following these steps:

Let's assume I do sale a security system, which is for commercial businesses, and thus, I think EVERY BUSINESS either needs one (because they don't have one now) OR needs one 'replaced' (for whatever reason).

So, that being said, how would I get "leads?"

1. Figure out what type of businesses would have a brick/mortar location, which is pretty easy to figure out...walk down 'main street' in your town and take notes!

2. Head over to "Google" and type in , such as
Mesa Nail Salons, San Francisco Bowling Alley, etc, etc.,

3. 9 out of 10 times, a business has a "Google Places Listing"...which would include ALL RELEVANT business information, such as:
A. Business Name
B. Business Address
D. Website URL
E. Photos of Business (not always)
F. Categories (aka 'search terms that would be relevant to the type of business they are)

4. Fire up any of the numerous 'lead generation software' titles on the market, which are DESIGNED TO SCRAPE this information, as well as other websites (Think Craigslist, Manta, Backpage, etc., etc.,) and LOW AND BEHOLD, the user now has 100's, if NOT 1,000's of phone numbers to call and sell their services!
Big Dog
 Jul 28th, 2011