I've gotten calls - eventually picked up to find out what they wanted - they're "not trying to sell me anything" nor are they a debit consolidator but do want to help me reduce my credit card interest rates, and asking if I have credit card debt. At first I just asked them to send me their info since I wasn't going to talk to anyone I didn't know about MY CC's. They did send me some little stupid thing. Then the phone calls started again. So, I thought I'd get as much info as possible about this company.

They're NOT trying to sell you anything but I got the supervisor (after the original caller couldn't answer my questions) to admit to me they do stand to make over $900 - by saying that it will come from the credit cards themselves after they get your interest rate from it's current rate down to 10% - but it's not going to cost YOU anything.... hmmmm but they couldn't really tell me who was actually going to pay them but insisted this was NOT a sales call what-so-ever... and the only requirement is that you have to be in good standing with your credit cards.

They "received" my information directly from my credit card companies but then they couldn't tell me which company reported that I was in "good standing" so they would have to call and find out directly from each company. I asked why, if they aren't debt consolidators, wouldn't my credit card company do this for me directly? Why would I need them to do this FOR me if they weren't going to make any money off it? Certainly they weren't doing this out of the goodness of their heart....

.... so at the end of all this "too-good-to-be-true" offer, I asked them to remove me from their calling list... I suggest you do the same!
 Apr 01st, 2010
same thing.. when I answer nobody is there/doesnt speak. I get a call every 30/40 minutes. Someone finally answered today, I asked them to stop calling bc whenever I answer there is no response. The man thought I hung up and began talking like me to someone else. he then had a few choice words, too.
 Mar 12th, 2010
This appears to be mortgage related
 Mar 01st, 2010
too many calls during the day....
 Feb 25th, 2010
if you try and call them back it disconnects automatically?????
 Feb 25th, 2010
they call 6 times a day when I do answer they hang up or dont speak.... wth
 Feb 25th, 2010