Have received numerous calls from this company (Verafast). Have filed a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry. Usually, they are calling regarding your local newspaper subscription. Call the local newspaper and complain. It will be in their best interest to have your name removed from the Verafast call list.
 May 27th, 2010
Somebody named Mary wanted me to subscribe to the Washington Examiner (whatever that is). I hung up and am going to file a complaint as we are on the DNC list.
 May 05th, 2010
Evidently the machines work 24/7. Continue to get calls from the number, no message, no nothing. There "oughta be a Law" Ah, freedom of harrassment speech.
 May 03rd, 2010
Have rec'd 3 calls from this number in the last week. No messages ever left. When I did pick up once, the automated message simply stated Verafast and their phone number.
 Apr 30th, 2010
Here is the web site for Ver A Fast:

These sleazes brag that they are a large customer contact company and that their goal is to satisfy the customer! Their web site mentions that they do surveys and I THINK THAT THIS MAY BE THEIR LOOP HOLE AROUND THE FEDERAL DO NOT CALL LIST LAWS!

I think all of us who have been harassed by Ver A Fast calls should complain to the Ver A Fast company via calls and emails (I wonder how annoying WE could be?). Also, I urge others Not to read papers (free or not) from companies that do business with Ver A Fast.
Dislike Scams
 Apr 27th, 2010
I have had MULTIPLE calls in the last week left on my answering machine from a automated message that says "This is a service verification call. We will call back later." I called back the number (1-206-395-7183) last weekend and the phone was anwered by another automated message that did not identify the company and said that I had to give them MY number to be put on a Do Not Call list (I am already on the government's official Do Not Call list). I did not leave any information because this looked like a SCAM OF SOME SORT. I checked the 206 area code on the internet and found that it is a code for Washington State. Today (4/26/10) I picked up the phone when it rang --it turned out to be a representative from Ver A Fast (a telephone call service group). The representative (she said her name was Monica Lightfoot) told me that Ver A Fast is located in ROCKY RIVER OHIO but somehow (she didn't know how) they were able to make the automated calls appear as if they were from Washington State (this REALLY made me think it's some type of SCAM). "Monica Lightfoot" confirmed that the computer generated calls were from her company and that she wanted to know if I wanted to keep receiving the Washington Examiner for free.

PLEASE -- IF the Washington Examiner is really paying these folks to harass potential customers with numerous phone calls maybe we should blame this all on the Washington Examiner!

I asked to speak to her supervisor and spoke to the Call Center "System Manager" named "Jonette Sims." Both Jonette Sims and Monica Lightfoot gave me the name and number of a Mary Phillips -- (phone number 800-840-5386) after I asked for a higher supvisor. Monica Lightfoot also gave me the following number to find out more about Ver A Fast: 800-531-1223.

These folks are VERY ANNOYING (at a minimum). According to the Ver A Fast web site they have computer software that calls people for "service verification purposes". What a business!

I am posting this here in hope that if we all share info maybe we can find a way to stop this type of activity (or at least identify companies that do business with call centers who steal our privacy and peace in our homes).
Dislike Scams
 Apr 27th, 2010
Will call back!
 Apr 26th, 2010
This company calls my elderly father multiple times a day. Trying to stop these calls is next to impossible.
I have reported this company to my state's attorney general consumer division.
Horrible people taking advantage of the elderly!!!!
 Apr 20th, 2010
Called back and they said "thank you for calling customer service", if they were a legitimate company they would state their name. SCAM
This is a scam
 Apr 16th, 2010
Verafast called this morning at 10am. Iwant them to stop calling. I am already on the Do Not Call List. How dare they invade our privacy like that?
 Apr 15th, 2010
Who the F are these people & why are they calling my personal cell #??
 Apr 01st, 2010
They call every day! I either don't answer or just pick up and hang up immediately. If you do answer, there's nobody there, so it must be an automated calling device. And we're on the Do Not Call List, so they're circumventing that with some scam, I'm sure.
 Mar 30th, 2010
Call most days. I don't answer and have answering machine turned off. Pests!!
 Mar 26th, 2010
 Mar 22nd, 2010