Yesterday I received calls from 206-395-2014. The message was understandable and said it was the IRS Legal Dept and I owed $1495 in tax errors from 2003 to 2013 under IRS Code 63318. When I called I only was able to speak to foreigners. I was told I was being taped and they would go after my house, car and bank account. I was told if it went to Court I would owe $40,000. I was asked the phone # the message was left. Then they asked my SS# which I would not give them. They asked for the last 4 digits of my SS# and they were able to tell my my address town and birthdate. They said they had sent me information in May by DHL but the Tracking # they gave me was invalid. I told them I needed to speak to someone I could understand. He said he was a Manager. I told them I needed to see something on paper from the IRS. He told me this was the last day I could take care of this. I told him without something in writing there was nothing I could do and hung up. I am extremely concerned they were able to tell me my address town and birthdate.
Sharon Twardowski
 Jul 25th, 2015