According to reports below this is a scammer. You need to call BOA and check your account, because they are apparently stealing your info, and using your cards for fraudulent use.
 Feb 07th, 2011
I called BofA to verify the caller from number 206-357-7860 and they said that is DEFINITELY NOT one of their numbers and to not call that number back. The representative from the Bof A 1-800 customer call line recommended that I report the number as a scammer to my phone company and have it blocked.

FYI: The first call from this SCAMMER today did leave a recorded message for me to call back with a special code that they provided in the recording. However, they did not leave a message in second call from them today.

BEWARE of this caller!
 Oct 19th, 2010
I'm about to cancel my BofA account they keep calling me on this number. I haven't answer and I'm not planning to.
 Oct 11th, 2010
Hi All,

Be very very careful. Bank of America legitimately called my husband and I warning us that someone changed our Atlanta address to a Seattle, Washington address. We had to verify we were the legitimate account holders and performed a number of procedures to protect our account including going to a local branch to rectify the situation.

Then in a couple of days we received a call from this number 206-357-7860 with Seattle, WA on our caller ID. I noticed the connection - SEATTLE, so I hung up despite hearing the BOA soundtrack--which sounded legit but I didn't want to take chances. I googled the number with BOA and could not find a connection between this number and Bank of America. So please don't provide any information unless you are absolutely sure it is BOA. Call BOA instead using the number on your card.
 Aug 23rd, 2010
This is bank of america calling (ironically) to conduct a automated customer service survey. If you don't answer they keep calling. When I do answer you can guess how I will rate them.
 Jul 21st, 2010
I picked up this call at 1202 today and it was a request from Bank of America to take a phone survey. I hung up after a few seconds as I was busy with work. They called back again at 1502. Do you think this means I cannot get ride of these calls without taking their survey? That would suck.
 Jun 01st, 2010
Could be BofA I suppose. They declined a charge on my Visa the other day because the company I was ordering from supposedly reports too many fraudulent charges. I don't mind vigilance, and generally applaud it, but it was misapplied in this case. If they had simply held the charge and called for confirmation I wouldn't have been inconvenienced. As it was, they simply whacked it and -then- called me. At which point I said "F U" and used Amex instead. So yeah, I could see this being a customer satisfaction survey...and they really don't want to hear what I have to say about them right now.
 May 17th, 2010
Called my cell 3 times(1pm-3pm-5pm)today w/o leaving voicemails.
 Mar 26th, 2010
I received a call from 206-357-7860 (Parolii Corporation) that claimed to be calling on behalf of Bank of America, and left this number to call back to receive a personal message. Since I have an account w/BOA, I called them to confirm that this WAS NOT a call from them or on their behalf. All calls from BOA clearly state BANK OF AMERICA in the CID field.
 Mar 04th, 2010
I received a call from this number that claimed to be calling on behalf of Bank of America, and left a number 866-459-9174) to call back to receive a personal message. Since I have an account w/BOA, I called them to confirm that this WAS NOT a call from them or on their behalf. All calls from BOA clearly state BANK OF AMERICA in the CID field.
 Mar 04th, 2010
Received message regarding a "recent experience" with B of A. Received a second message with an 866 # and a message code to call back within 4 days. Called B of A customer service: NO KNOWLEDGE OF THIS #! Advised me to NOT CALL THIS NUMBER BACK. Report this call to B of A!!!
 Jan 14th, 2010
Bank of America Message Retrieval. I spoke with customer service a few days earlier. This number called me to complete a survey on my experience.
 Dec 02nd, 2009
Automated survey from BOFA -- I had called customer service three days earlier. I called back and it used my caller ID to retrieve my survey.
 Sep 21st, 2009
Survey for B of A.
 Sep 08th, 2009
Called me today at 12 & 2 but left no voicemail. I decided to answer the 3rd time. It's an automated customer service survey. Since I spoke to their call center 2x's last week I decided to participate. No personal info is requested from participants.
 Sep 08th, 2009
206-357-7860 called my cell phone three times but left no message.
 Aug 11th, 2009
Called me twice today. Answered second time and it just hung up. No message, called back says B of A message retrieval center, asks for a message code?
 Aug 03rd, 2009
Bank of America Message Retrieval Center
 Aug 03rd, 2009
multiple calls, hangup, no message left
 Jul 06th, 2009
caller id says varolii corporation - didn't answer!
 Jun 22nd, 2009
This number has called three times today. The firt time I received a message from B of A asking me to call an 866 number for a survey. The survey needs to be completed in 3 days, but why call two more times after leaving a message?
 Jun 03rd, 2009
2 calls from this number today and no message left both times.
 May 11th, 2009
3rd time today, this number has called and not left a message. I getting even more annoyed.
 May 08th, 2009
This number 206-3577--860, called my cell phone but left no message. Didn't know who they were. But I do have accounts with BOA so it might be legit.
But why call and not leave a message? Annoying.
 May 08th, 2009
this is from bank of america.. or so it seems. its pretty annoying because they've already called me twice today asking for a survey. Knowing bank of america, they wouldn't bug a customer twice about filling out a survey.
 May 01st, 2009
On my recent experience with Bank of America haven't done any business with them
 Apr 24th, 2009