Received a call from 206-350-2720 on my DNC registered cell phone. Pre-recorded message saying "David from Texas" offers you a job making $500 a day by answering phones. If you go to their website, you will hear the same recording. There is no opportunity to speak with an operator. Upon calling the number back you will get a message apologizing, and "press 1 to have your number removed from our list"
Even with doing that I have now received 2 more calls from this number. I have researched some Whois information about the website, owner shows up as:

Vickie Bochat
1338 N Gaylord Cir
Mesa, AZ 85213-4161

I wonder how Ms. Bochat would like it if she got these type of harassing calls herself! If I receive one more call about this website, I will be filing a report with the FCC as well as DNC Registry.
 Jul 29th, 2008