Its someone calling about voting for someone named "Baker" in Georgia. That is all I could make out of the garbled message they left.
 Aug 08th, 2010
no person when I answered the phone. I'm on the do not call list.
 Aug 08th, 2010
Computerized call claiming to be taking a survey for our local congressional race. Did not say who they were. Survey questions were odd and the requested response to one question would be to press a number, while to another question you were asked to press the star key. There seemed to be a bias against a particular candidate. I hung up after two questions. If our local candidate paid these people to take a survey, they wasted their money.
 Jul 29th, 2010
received call from 206 339-3733 7/28/2010 @7:51 PM. caller ID shows unassigned, with just the callers number. I have a policy of not answering any calls where the caller ID is missing/incomplete or not there. Caller is 3,000 miles from my home on the east coast.....
 Jul 29th, 2010
did not leave message
 Jul 02nd, 2010