Caller ID Gardena CA. CallerID4U, Inc., 93 S. Jackson Street, Suite 38-480, Seattle WA 98104, Paul Maduno, CEO. 310-251-5420, Calls from 206-397-1000 thru 206-397-1999 & 206-397-5000 thru 206-397-5999 & 206-445-6000 thru 6999 & 209-220-0000 thru 209-220-9999 & 213-333-0000 thru 213-333-9999 & 213-363-0000 thru 213-363-9999 & 213-366-0000 thru 213-366-9999 & 253-236-2000 thru 2999 & 253-245-2000 thru 2999 & 253-753-9000 thru 253-753-9999 & 310-599-0000 thru 310-599-9999 & 360-322-6000 thru 360-322-6999 and 360-633-9000 thru 360-633-9999 and 425-320-5000 thru 425-320-5999 and 425-336-8000 thru 425-336-8999 and 425-406-9000 thru 425-406-9999 PROBABLE ID THEFT / MEDICARE FRAUD
 Apr 20th, 2013
Gotta love how the stooge needed extra coaching the moment a call target put up a halfway decent fight. Ron, I imagine you're aware the threats and posing as law enforcement are illegal tactics under the FDCPA. This might be one of the many fake payday loan collectors hounding Americans from overseas, meaning the most you can do is file complaints with FBI, FTC, and attorneys general.
 Jan 12th, 2011
Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi idiot making threats and impersonating an officer. Called about a month ago using names Mark Brown, Bill Murry, etc. I told them I had a receipt and to wait and I would get it for them…they hung up. I called their number back and asked to speak to Mark Brown, Bill Murry, or more than likely VIjay SIngh. I said look Vijay I have a receipt and do not owe anything and he would not talk to me put me on hold and went to his supervisor. I could hear the supervisor telling g him what threats to make and when he came back I told him I had a receipt and do not owe them and they are trying to make me pay twice for the same bill and that I would not pay you a cent you Pakistani/ Bangladeshi/ Indian thieving bastards…they hung up and have not made threats/calls for almost a month. Oh, last month they stated they were a law firm from Cal. and now they are calling form Seattle.
 Jan 11th, 2011
Idiot bill collectors.
 Jan 11th, 2011