REST REPORT MATTERS - is also a SCAM company. Two employees had the REST REPORT and it DID NOT WORK!
 Mar 09th, 2011
WHAT HAFFAR DID: They CHANGED the back-end process e.g. the WORK and how the people were paid. The people he had representing them were GREAT: A Musician w/ a band, a clothing biz owner, a former mortgage co owner who had his own air plane, a person who owned her own brokerage in Nevada for 17 years - SOLID PEOPLE. He also bought an oversized (I have a small penis) ford truck, lifted with big horns to tow his boat. Then later in another meeting with an almost FULL new office boasted how about he was just coming home from Hawaii. He just got GREEDY.
 Mar 09th, 2011
This company has the most gross practices I've seen. In the beginning they DID DO GOOD BUSINESS PEOPLE. However, the REAL CHARLIE ROSE got greedy and started spending - 150K - 200K boat that he @ the age of 26/27 made a CLASS-LESS move of sharing the expense while conducting a FULL company meeting. In the beginning he promised to help a client FOR FREE - a bipolar / lupus couple in their 80's. He did NOTHING and then when he created REST REPORT MATTERS with his new business partner. Here is his #: 619-890-3605
 Mar 08th, 2011
If the charges against this Haffar are true, how is this much different from the "Rachel/Heather" style of credit reprice scamming?
 Jan 18th, 2011
Do not call these people back do not hire them for a loan modification.They a law firm out of San Diego Ca and they are taking peoples money that are in desperate need for help and then loose contact with them.
Chris Jennings
 Jan 18th, 2011
I received a call from Haffar and Associates. The mans name is Stephen and he promises to reduce my mortgage payment in exchange for $3500.
Mary Anne
 Jun 15th, 2010
I think it’s really odd, why someone would say that Haffar & Associates is making calls. We have Opt in marketing IE: direct mail, San Diego Reader etc... And a really great source that I choose to keep confidential ( due to the fact that we are part of the commission on home owner representation. ) Which we get personal referrals from Martin Andelman himself. This is completely a sad attempt to defame a very legitimate operation that to date has helped over 400+ home owners retain their investment / owner occupied properties(WITH PAYMENT REDUCTIONS OF GREATER THAN 10% OF EXISTING PAYMENTS). I personally am just a underwriter and have never once represented myself as a attorney. Sounds like to me someone out there who was let go from Haffar & Associates isn’t very happy. We will be contacting the site in attempt to receive which IP address did leave the message and moving forward accordingly.
 Mar 02nd, 2010
The people who work for this company and are making the calls don't know they are unsolicited. When hired for this job they tell their employees that the list of names they are given to call have called the company asking for help with mortgage modification. The reason these people keep calling is because they are trained to not leave messages and call back until someone answers. These employees are paid on commissions, which they don't even recieve. The company dupes it's employees into believing they are returning calls, not telemarketing. You can't get mad at the people making the calls because they don't even know the truth, and when they find out they usually quit. The company takes advantage of them and in turn you suffer the consequences. The company is currently under investigation.
 Feb 28th, 2010
Hi, I'm Charlie Rose and I am Haffar Law. I'm the one calling all of you and I don't care what you do about it. I'm above the law, I'm above the State Bar and I do what I want. Just please, please, please, don't call the California State Bar Association on me. Oh wait, I'm not an attorney, I just pretend to be one.
Charlie Rose
 Feb 24th, 2010
After 6 weeks of constant calls as described below, I to got them to call me back. When I explained I was on the Do Not Call List, Vera Prince says, but I didn't call you, you called us and left a message. What scum bags! Let's keep the pressure on them.
 Feb 05th, 2010
They hang up on me before I can even answer the phone. They've called me (4) times in the past month:
Dec. 16, 2009
Dec. 28, 2009
Jan. 18, 2010
Jan. 27, 2010
 Jan 27th, 2010
I have been receiving daily phone calls (often more than once a day) from 206-309-3538. I finally left a message and said I was interested. I got a call from a woman who told me she was with Haffar & Associates in San Diego, a law firm specializing in mortgage modification. I asked her to email me the information about her law firm which she did and here is her information:

Kerry DeWolfe
Junior Underwriter/Licensed Real Estate Professional
P: 858-367-5143
F: 888-600-3191.

I then received a call at 5:07 pm from a Lisa Svelnys at 760-821-1516 about Haffar & Assoc. I was on an important call at the time and told her I couldn't talk.

The only way to stop these Robocalls is to file a complaint any time you get the calls.
M. Cavanaugh
 Jan 27th, 2010
They called me too and I got them to call me back!
Of course I used a different name.
Its a company called YPR, a mortgage finance place.
I talked to some lady named Barbara.
I am searching for them and will post what I find later.
 Jan 14th, 2010
P.S. I forgot to leave my postal code - 95355
 Jan 13th, 2010
I am on the do not call list. I do not know who this is. Jan 13 2:52pm PST 206-309-3538 - caller id says unassigned. I never answer calls with numbers I do not recognize.
 Jan 13th, 2010
I have reported other people to the state attorney general. It's a drag, you have to fill out a complaint but they stop. Then the state also has a record to track them
 Jan 13th, 2010
These guys have been auto dialing my cell phone incessantly, and never have a representative to answer the phone...always just indicating that all respresentatives are busy and to leave a message. Total BS. They don't know what compliance with the Do Not Call List is (since I'm on it), and somebody needs to shut them down for it. I left a message requesting to be removed from their list...we'll see if that's effective. If not, I'll try another message indicating that I'm interested in their stuff, just so I can speak to a rep and get off the list. What an irritation...what's the number for the regulator???
 Jan 06th, 2010
Answered the call. It's a robo call offering assistance for homeowners with mortgage problems. The kicker is the final line:
Press 1 to deny government assistance or
Press 2 to speak to a representative.

Am also on the DNC list.
 Dec 21st, 2009
P.S. Calls from this number never leave any message.
 Dec 21st, 2009
Received two calls on my cell phone. First at 09h06 PST on Monday, 21 Dec 2009. Second call at 14h17 PST on the same day. Also called my work number. I hung up. When I called this number back, I received a voice recording stating to send a fax or leave a message. No additional information. I registered my cell phone on the DNC list about one (1) year ago. A quick Google search on this number indicates some credit settlement agency or similar. I am not interested.
 Dec 21st, 2009
Called and left no message. Keep getting these unwarranted and unwanted sales calls from 206 (Seattle, WA) and 978 (Worcester, MA) area codes. I'm getting really tired of it. I'm also on the DNC list. Rick
Rick Dallin
 Dec 16th, 2009