Called my home 3/5/08 at 5 PM. No message on my machine.

This appears to be Community Services for the Blind in Seattle. Their website is: and phones they can be reached at are 206-767-2177 or 1-800-458-4888. They also telemarket from numbers 206-268-6624, 206-268-6636, 206-268-6637, and 206-268-6641. I do not approve of telemarketing since the companies they contract out to don't leave messages, or a way to get off their list, and they usually keep a lot of the money they collect from you (less gets to the charity than if you donate directly to the charity). I also don't appreciate being disturbed at home. I may have gotten on their call list because I belong to Lions Club, who help the blind. (I sure hope Lions Club doesn't sell our personal information to telemarketers!)

The Fed's Do Not Call list does not work in this case, since they are exempt because they are a charity. :-(
Mad in Seattle
 Mar 06th, 2008