This is an update on Sam Smith from my part. I knew from the start that this person was a con artist ripping people off. I have been reading other complaints about how this person kept on calling to harass them. Since I knew this was a scam, I treated him the same way regarding phone calling. I called him every 5 minutes to tell him hi was a fraud, a roach, a thief and that he was breaking so many laws. He asked me to stop calling (HE ASKED TO STOP CALLING HIM)and hung up... I kept on calling him and my calls where now going to his voice mail. I expressed and exercised my first amendment rights on the voice mails. He again picked up the phone and told me to stop calling him or he would have me prosecuted. Hang up again. Again, I called him and he answered. he ones again asked to stop calling or he was going to prosecute me. I begged him to please sue me. I want to see his *%&(* : ) in court and watch him been arrested for wire fraud, for impersonating an officer and many other crimes he has committed. He hang up again. I called him again. He asked to please stop calling him. He asked what can I do for you to stop calling me? I told him he need it to apologies for attempting to rip me off. His answer was NO and hang up again. I did not give up and called him again. By this time he was more nervous and begged to stop calling him. I told him he knew what to do... He paused and said "I apologies and will not call you again." I laugh and told him "That is not what I have asked you to say" he then tried again and finally said "I apologizes for attempting to rip you off". I told him to get a real job just like every hard working earning money american instead of stealing from others and to treat others the way he wants to be treated. -If I find out he has called anyone I know with the intention to defraud them from their hard earn money, i will call him again. If any of you get a phone call form Sam Smith who wants to read an affidavit and threatening to have you arrested (without due process)with a different number posted and share it with every friend and family member. spread it out. Let this criminals know they know their scam and turn the tables on them lets send a Tsunami of phone calls to their phone and lets exercise our first amendment right....
 Jun 11th, 2013
Implying they are the Police, but no record of this being a law enforcement number.
Julian Smit
 Mar 19th, 2013