These people are calling my elderly mother telling her that there is something wrong with her computer and they need to come over and fix it. There is nothing wrong with her computer and luckily she has no internet service for them to access her information, but they keep calling her. This is a scam; if you see this number, do not answer the call.
New York
 Sep 24th, 2014
I received a call from 828-303-5558 the lady said she was calling on behaf of the government pail I was selected to receive 8,795 free money an ask me for my banking information then she told me I have to call this number (206)249 7273 for claiming and them to deposit in my account when I called sam scammer says same thing lady did but I have to pay 250.00 for electronin transfer feesbut it a 1 time thing I said if its free government money why am I paying u trsnsfer fees he got rude cuz I told him I was recording both phone conversations an I was contactin police!!!!!!!!!!!!THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS LIARS HELP STOP LOW LIFE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD
 Aug 28th, 2013
I received a call from a strange number from a man with a thick Indian accent. He instructed me to call 206-249-7273 to collect my $8500 dollar grant from Sam Walter and gave me a confirmation code. I called "Sam" and after a bunch of stuff about how I must use the money for good he asked for $250 for a security deposit. When I asked him if I sound like an effing idiot he told me he could see me and I look like an effing idiot to him. Then he hung up. Don't be dumb people. Anyone that asks u for money to send you money is trying to steal from you. Report it to the FTC by calling 877-FTC-HELP. Give them the telephone number and any other information you have and help stop these effers.
Tim Weber
 Jun 23rd, 2013
I received a call from a woman today with a horrible accent. She explained that since I am such a good citizen and my credit is so well (which is so far from the truth) that the Federal Government would be giving me an $8,8500 grant to use in any way I like. I was provided with a confirmation number and to call Sam Washington at 206-24-7273. She asked for my bank account number or my CC number for the funds to be loaded to.I knew it was a scam right off; however I decided to pay along and I did not contact Sam. He informed me it was true the money was mine and would be coming today; however I was to pay a one time fee,. Haaaaaa when explained I do not have any money and that I am unemployed. He then said, call us back when you have money and emded tje ca;;. .... Moral to this story If it sounds to be ture.. well it is. I hope nobody else fell for this.
 Apr 17th, 2013
They called me they told me to send them $260.00 bc I have been selected to receive 8000 dollars from the government, they got my money and now they won't answer me, they sound like indian skinky asses, I'm gonna report this to FBI.
loqka jote
 Mar 29th, 2013