Some bozo has been sending me text messages from this number. I thought it was a friend at first so I responded and texted back and forth with the person until I realized I had no idea who they were. They first told me they were Nathan, and said they lost my email address. I think they were fishing for mine. I asked if they are in SF (where I live now), and they said "No, Sea". I then said "I have no idea who you are" and they said "we can get to know eachother"(!!!!!creeeepy!!!!) They then told me to email them at, but I did not. A few weeks later got a txt that said 'breakfast?' and I again asked who it was. This time they said "Chris".

Then just tonight I got a call from this number for the first time and they hung up.

STRANGE! I did a reverse lookup and it says it's owned by someone at this Blue company.
 Oct 03rd, 2008