First of all, the caller ID showed: Seattle, Washington. But Don't Believe it! They can generate anything they want you to see...
For some damn reason, I listened to this telemarketer and played his game and strung him out for about 15 minutes, I found it odd that he never said who he was working for by name. He was trying to sell me a new AntiVirus/AntiSpyware for my computer. He did say they use AVG. He had a middle eastern accent and was asking too many questions, he kept trying to get me to go online to look at his website, so he could better explain how it works... I didn't buy his story, I told him that I had good protection already (Trend Micro) and that they have served me very well for the last 5 years. I wasn't even thinking about changing my service. No matter what I said, he kept asking me to go online just to check out this website he had been talking about to compare services. I believe he just wanted to gain access to my computer. Well, I guess he'd had enough and he hung-up. Please beware and don't fall for this scam artist!
 Jun 02nd, 2016
Said he was with Mirco-Soft and was calling reference a computer virus that was running in the background on my computer. Caller had poor English skills.
Steve B
 Jul 17th, 2015