Right away I smelled a rat! I'm not 79 for nothing--I do learn some things in life! After inquiring about the phone number--a telemarketer one of 12 involved; and this guy had a terrible accent and could hardly understand him!

As far as I am concerned--someone with an accent trying to "sell" something is a clue--suspicious etc!

I will say I did inquire about a Gov'tment grant--( the type that doesn't have to be paid back for home improvements ie: kitchen appliances! And am pretty sure I qualify, from all that I have read!

Some of mine are 38 years old!

So will try and discern what is false and what is true--if I can!

If I were "King" for a day ---all scammers in prison for life!

I feel sad and have much apathy for those that have been scammed--
My experience with one particular female I dated and have known for several years--scammed me for $400.00 --do not expect to be paid back even though I stated on my check/loan to her ,this is a loan and indicated it on the personal check and she acknowledged it as a loan!
Yes, she is/was very attractive! Might of had something to do with it--No--did not have any physical relations with her at the time and not now either!
She knows and maybe can live with it with no conscience about it either! Living life scamming people--it will eventually catch up with her--KARMA/payback can be a bitch sometimes!

 Jul 25th, 2014