I filled out a survey linked from an android app which was supposed to pay game credits. One piece of info given was my cell. I did so expecting a few calls or texts, but I have been bombarded with calls from morning to night, day in and day out. Furthermore, the survey did not pay out despite my giving accurate info. When I call the number back I receive an automated message which says "No one is available to take your message...Goodbye." and then hangs up the call. I have been able to call several of the numbers and get removed from a caller list but this one and others do not provide me with the ability to do so. I have a prepaid cell that costs $1.99 a day to use and is only for if its really necessary which is why I thought I wouldn't mind giving it, but without the ability to call from my house phone to remove myself from the lists it will cost a fair amount of money in the several days it will probably take to answer all the callers from my cell. I realize this was the result of my own stupidity to trust giving my number out in such a way, but this is ridiculous.
 Feb 28th, 2014