I was contacted by Eleisha and she told me this situation. We had this number years ago as a second number into the home. I called Bell South yesterday and they said their records do not reflect that we had the number previously. It has been a number of years but apparently somewhere it is still assigned to us to come up on this web site. We are retired professionals and I am sorry this nusiance is associated with us. Bell South had no suggestions for me. I had effectively handled an obscene caller years ago. I would advise each person go thru the system to do that.
Darlene Slamen
 Oct 17th, 2006
I called the Herbert Slamen residence that Mike (8-30-06) references in his comment. I spoke with Mrs. Slaman at length. They used to have the offending phone number, however it was about seven or eight years ago, and they had it disconnected due to repeated harrassment calls. I am contacting BellSouth to have the incoming calls to my home, from 205-967-8330 blocked, even if it costs me a monthly fee. I am also contacting the local Veterans Group to see what they know about this "Veterans Association" and hopefully get them shut down if they are bogus.
 Oct 16th, 2006
didn't answer call. id just said Birmingham, AL.
 Oct 12th, 2006
Many calls over the last few months. Always a hangup when I answer. I think it is an automated call that hangs up on answer if the caller is talking to another person.
 Oct 09th, 2006
Daily calls in the evening...for months. Wife answers and caller always asks for me. vmx box full. no discussions of substance, but will let you know.
 Oct 08th, 2006
I get regular phone calls, at least three times a week from this guy. I have always missed the call, but my husband has frequently answered. The guy refuses to say what the call is about, and he always wants to talk to me. I have tried calling his number back and get the full voice mail box that Mike gets. I would really like to stop this guy somehow. I have a friend who is a PI. He's working on finding him.
Margie S
 Sep 19th, 2006
Received another phone call today from this number. This time they spoke after I answered the phone. The person sounded like an older gentleman. He said he was from the Veteran's Association and asked about donations. I would suggest calling your local Veteran's Association and complain about these phone calls. Hope this helps.
 Sep 05th, 2006
Again called and hung up. Calls at least everyday or every other day. Caller ID reads Brimingham, AL
 Aug 31st, 2006
Calls every night at about 8:30 pm for the past 2 months. Either hangs up immediately or says nothing. Caller ID says only Birmingham Alabama. I have tried calling the number but get a message that the mailbox is full. I did a reverse telephone lookup which says the number belongs to Herbert Slamen of 4616 Old Leeds Road Birmingham Alabama. My Zip is 35901.
 Aug 30th, 2006
Some called and asked for my wife and hung uo. This happened twice this evening
Ed Taylor
 Aug 30th, 2006
Hung Up
 Aug 30th, 2006