Called and the phone was silent for a good 10 seconds, then heard several pops and what sounded like a room with a ton of other people on phones. Caller asked for a resident of the house by name, but when I told him they weren't available he hung up before I finished the sentence. Very suspicious that they're calling from what looks like a personal cell phone #. Caller ID read Wanda Wright.
 Apr 04th, 2013
caller had my first & last name; he (east indian male) said he was from the medical department for the state & they wanted to give me money - compensation- for some (fictional!) side effect I had after using birth control. I demanded he give me the main # for his business, and the name of the State Department that he claimed to represent, and to tell me why then was he calling from a cell phone... all he would give me was the # he was calling from. I called the # and it went right to voicemail. I called again & tried to access the voicemail box and the recorded name on it is wanda Wright. I REPORTED THIS TO THE FTC
 Apr 04th, 2013
Just got a call from "Medical Compensation Company" who wanted to transfer compensation into my account (just needed a good ol' account number!) because I took Yaz/Yasmin/Mirena (nope, not me), and wanted to know what kind of contraceptives I am currently taking. I asked who gave out confidential medical information regarding me, and he said "The Health Department, now, would you please confirm what medications you are taking?" I asked to be transferred to the legal department to discuss The Health Department's privacy violation, and *click*.
 Apr 03rd, 2013