Leaves a recorded message for someone named "Steve Allen Morris"...asking Steve to call them back ASAP; People calling are named Jarris or Amber; on-line search states it is Covington Credit. Mr. Morris, if you did not pay your debts, find some help. Contact the FTC if this company or others are stalking you with phone calls because you are poor; Mr. Morris, how did they get our phone number? The company on internet could be Covington Credit in Birmingham/Hoover, AL? They just keep calling our phone--it is like stalking us; we do not know you, Mr Morris--we may have to call the FBI or FTC if they do not stop calling. Since they have called so many times, we doubt that someone typed the number in wrong or was given our number by accident;it might be some kind of criminal activity by someone who is either Mr. Morris or someone pretending to be, gave them an incorrect number? Warning to all about 205-733-4228; we are not going to answer these type of messages...as it could be criminal activity and we want no part of that kind of business.
 Oct 23rd, 2013