What is the point in this number? You answer, they hang up.
Cable Guy
 Oct 11th, 2010
We have gotten multiple calls from this number on our caller ID. When it goes to the answering service, it hangs up. I did *67 to block my number and called it back, but a recording says it is a "disconnected or out of service" number.
 Sep 30th, 2010
We receive multiple calls from this number on a daily basis they usually hang up on us. Tonight:
Caller Said it was urgent and they were looking for patty mcdonald. It was after 10pn. Insisted that patty was here would not take no she was not or the fact that I know no one named patty. Very harrassing and when I threatened to call the police for harrassing me they hung.
 Jun 06th, 2010
Have no clue who this is or what they want. They called 5 times on this date alone, but never ever leave a message.
 Apr 09th, 2010