I hope someone is staying with your mother now because any jerkoff who is bold enough to show up at her door will do it again. BROKER, huh? Sounds like some kike wants her to make an investment. If anyone like that showed up at my door, I'd kill them.
B Careful
 Mar 10th, 2011
An unidentified man showed up at my Mother's house this morning asking to talk with her. Fortunately, my sister was there when the man arrived. The man would not give my sister any information, only that he got Mother's phone number AND address from his "BROKER."
This is a rural address, and my Mother is not capable of making any decisions or remembering any conversations. She obviously did not remember talking with them.
My sister checked my Mother’s Caller ID, and this number showed up twice from last night.
The number according to the internet, belongs to Stacey Hamilton, in Irondale, Alabama.
My sister called the number twice this morning, and got no answer, no message, just a beep to leave a message.
 Mar 10th, 2011
I googled the # and it sounds like some type of social security fraud. A report from a newspaper quoted a woman as saying that she spoke to a very rude female who wanted all sorts of info. SCAM!!
 Aug 12th, 2010