I need phone line for DSL only, so I don't have any telephone devices connected to it, just an old caller id - just to see if any morons call the number. Turns out there are many idiots. This frigging number calls several times every day for 3 months already. Get a clue you assholes! If no one answered still, then no one will... time to get the fuck off. Geez!
 Oct 16th, 2010
They called my 13 year old son's cell phone. They ask him to verify an account and when he explains that he has never had one, they hang up in his face. He asked them to remove his number from their call list and they not only hung up on him, but called 7 more times in the following hour and hung up each time he answered. My son had been at a boy scout's meeting when it happened and he gave his phone to his scout master. This is the most immature behavior I have ever seen from a company. I think they need to review the law. You can't harass a 13 year old kid!
 Feb 02nd, 2010