TRY A LOUD WHISTLE! SERIOUSLY! After weeks and weeks of constant calls, EVERY DAY including sat/Sun, sometimes 8am, (I work late nights..), sometimes after 9pm, sometimes 2 in 2 hours..I wrote to them nicely, and asked that they STOP, and get me off their list, and that furthermore I'd NEVER subscribe again to the magazine they were likely calling about. Still the calls went on for many MORE weeks.. and when I'd answer the phone waiting for a live human being, no one would ever pick up. So did the whistle work? Finally after many tries at picking up, an actual human voice said hello, and I used the whistle. It's been nearly a week and not another call. Too bad to have to resort to such a mean method BUT if these idiots have driven you as crazy as they have me, and have ignored your requests to stop..well.....
 Oct 02nd, 2009
If Ebsco Teleservices is calling you and hanging up on you please submit a comp;laint to the Federal Trade Commission. You can suse the company for harassment if they are calling you and hanging up. To Ebsco Teleservices you are violating state and federal law.
You must state the purpose of your calls and you can not hang up or you are subject to civil damages. Check the state and federal laws.
 Oct 24th, 2008
hola como estas
 Sep 29th, 2008
Well, that 2008-07-07 msg from "EBSCO Tele" might have been legit. I just called their toll-free number 800-456-5105, and a pleasant woman cheerfully agreed to put my number on their DNC list. Only time will tell if that's true, but the process was painless.
Lil Abner
 Aug 14th, 2008
In order to provide better service, EBSCO TeleServices is expanding its inbound Customer Service hours to include more evening and weekend coverage. This change means we will be much more available to answer incoming calls for those wondering why we are calling them. To review, EBSCO TeleServices makes calls on behalf of a variety of ( mostly ) publishers to make special offers on magazine renewals to current or recent customers. This type of calling is allowed to those on the National and most State "Do Not Call" lists. If you would like to be taken off the calling list, simply let us know and we will stop the calls in a reasonable amount of time ( usually 1-2 business days ). If you are curious as to what magazine we are calling about and would like to know what specaial offer is available, we can handle that also. To enact this change, as of Monday July 7th, we will be changing the number being broadcast on our Caller ID to: 330-492-2913 and taking the inbound calls out of our Canton, Ohio location which is in the Eastern Time zone.
 Jul 07th, 2008
I keep getting these calls. I just pretend I am getting "some" or try to sell them insurance or ask them "are you happy in your current job" and try to hire them for my telemarketing company! F*** 'em!!!
 Jul 02nd, 2008
We have been receiving upwards of 3 calls per day or night for the last 3 months. we we answer the phone no one is there. Very annoying, not only would we NEVER do business with them, we have contact the magazines that we subscribe to, to complain to them about it.
 Jul 01st, 2008
They call everyday and hang up. I looked up the president's number online it is 1-800-653-2726 x2211, Tim Collins. I suggest you call him to find out what is going on.
 Jun 27th, 2008
Get calls about 3 times a day for about a month. Yesterday morning got one at 7:57 am. On DNC list but I guess they don't have to follow that. Usually the last call of the day is anywhere between 8pm - 9pm. Very annoying!
 Jun 24th, 2008
keeps calling and i never answer and they may or may not speak and then hang up. call at least twice a day!
 Jun 19th, 2008
I was getting this company calling three to four times per day at different times. Finally I picked up one evening and a woman answered and asked for a another person. I told her they didn't live there and she had the wrong number. She hasn't called back. Wonder how long this stroke of luck will last before they start again.
 Jun 17th, 2008
I was getting these calls showing up on my caller ID three sometimes four times a day at different hours. Finally I pick up and answered and a woman ask for a name and I told her they didn't live here she had the wrong number. She hasn't called back. Interesting to see before how long it starts again. Good luck with this one it is a real pain.
 Jun 17th, 2008
Thank you John (below). This a magazine renewal company. Main number is 205-991-6600. They call every Sunday morning at 7:30AM. They say they is their legal right to do so.....but they are closed Sat & Sun.
 Jun 16th, 2008
SQL Server magazine subscription renewal.
 Jun 10th, 2008
This is their telemarketing group that makes all these calls. Maybe if everyone called Robert they might get the hint. OH yeah don't leave a message and call over anc over again. They also have a website.


Robert Prosise,
Vice President and
General Manager

4150 Belden Village Avenue Northwest
Suite 401
Canton, OH 44718
Phone: 330-492-5105
Toll Free: 800-456-5105
Fax: 330-492-5205
 Jun 05th, 2008
Ebsco Industries Inc,
5724 hwy 280 east
Birmingham, Alabama 35242
United States
Telephone #: 205-980-6726
Fax #: 205-980-5607

Rebecca C. Walden
Corporate Communications

Ree Sherer
General Manager
PO Box 2543
Birmingham, AL 35202-2543
Business Phone: 205-991-1211
Toll Free Phone: 800-633-4604
Fax Number: 205-995-1613
 Jun 02nd, 2008
They have been calling me everyday for the past week but because i have unfortunately worked for a similar company many years back i knew how to stop them from calling. Pick up the phone when they call and if someone is actually on the other end don't yell or cus out the person because it will most likely be a young kid who can simply just put you on their callback list and not care. Politely ask for the supervisor there and ask him or her to put your number on their do not call list. Thats all you have to say. Then if they keep on calling you can go ahead and make some easy cash.
 Jun 01st, 2008
This number is automatically NOT picked up when it rings...which it does on a daily basis at any old time. REALLY PISSES ME OFF. Sorry telemarketers, but when your company is added to the DONOTCALLLIST, and you call anyway, I take it personally :-P
 May 31st, 2008
Calls faithfully every week night and Sunday morning. Leaves no message and delayed answer when you pick it up.
 May 31st, 2008
I called this number Main line: 205-991-6600 and asked them to take me off their list and all i had to provide them with is my phone number. she said it takes up to 48 hours so we will see what happens!
 May 30th, 2008
I get a caller id from this number frequently and at times it rings when I'm home. It's annoying and with my number listed on the Do Not Call list I don't understand. How can I stop this call from coming?
Linda Evans
 May 24th, 2008
What do you want? Not interested!!! No message, just annoying. Am on do not call list!! Stop! Stop! Stop!!!
 May 23rd, 2008
These people are telemarketers trying to renew magazine subscriptions. They are going about it in a stupid way and i will not be renewing my subscription because of them, they pissed me off with the calls. Call 1-330-492-5105 to have your number removed from list. They will ask for your name but only you number is needed to be removed from list you don't have to give them your name...... I hope this helps. Thanks Jonesy for your post!!!
 May 21st, 2008
Read the entries to figure out who they were, and then called to tell them to take me off their list. Very polite person answered on 2nd ring and promised to remove me... we'll see.
 May 13th, 2008
Don't know what they wanted because I was not home. The only thing on the answering machine was a female asking for me by my full name.
 Apr 29th, 2008
I ask what is this for? He hung up
 Apr 27th, 2008
My friendkeeps getting his call from this dude from limewire...he alwayswants to talk to her but her mom answers and sh's never there when he calls.. if sme one from "limewire" call with an englang type of voice tell hi to call you cell and then ou can go se you bill online and they say who it s because he does *64..which makes your call unknown to *69...just dont lethem intemadate you....
 Apr 27th, 2008
I called the number back and told them to stop calling and they said they would remove me from their list. It is a legit company and DNC list is not good as it is related to a magazine you have previously subscribed to. Call them back and have them remove your number.
tired mom
 Apr 25th, 2008
They are an awesome group. I called the number back and renewed my subscription at a lower rate than the publisher was offering. I highly recommed
 Apr 22nd, 2008
Persistent caller called about an Equine magazine subscription renewal and asked for my credit card number. Told them I do renewals by mail and not over the phone. So now I'll report this company to donotcall.gov.
I doubt that it would do anything.
 Apr 18th, 2008
They called after 9 pm. I thought they couldnt call after 9 pm
They called twice today.
 Apr 16th, 2008
Allen Powell,

Division Headquarters
5724 Highway 280 East
Birmingham, AL 35242
Phone: 205-980-5623
Fax: 205-995-1518
 Apr 12th, 2008
Answered - no one responded - hung up.
Entered number into the "Phone Tray Free" program. Won't hear from them again!
 Apr 10th, 2008
persistent caller. does not respond
 Apr 09th, 2008
 Apr 09th, 2008
I get a call from this number about 4 times a week. Is there anyway to stop this? I am on the no call list.
 Apr 08th, 2008
really weird they know my name
 Apr 08th, 2008
How can we get these lunatics to quit calling two or three times a day. I have repeatly told them to quit calling us. We are on the DNC list and that doesn't even work. If the DNC list isn't going to monitor this then they need to refund everyone their $5 they pitched it be on this list
 Mar 30th, 2008
 Mar 30th, 2008
unknown caller 2008-03-29 Alabama is all that was on the I.D.
 Mar 29th, 2008
Thgis is supposedly EBSCO Insudtries. I called them back this morning and asked them to please remove my number from their call list. The woman who answered said okay, but I am still getting calls this afternoon.
 Mar 28th, 2008
They call daily and only ever say 'Hello' once, if at all, and then hang up. I'm on the DNC, and have used Ebsco's online form to complain. No response, and they keep calling.

Whatever it is they were selling, not only wouldn't I buy any, I'd tell everyone I know not to buy any either.
 Mar 27th, 2008
sick of being called,on DNC list.
 Mar 19th, 2008
Called again, no one one the line!!!
 Mar 19th, 2008
They called me to renew my BusinessWeek subscription.
 Mar 19th, 2008
I didn't answer this morning, but I realized that it's the same number that called me yesterday afternoon.

A woman called from this number and asked "May I speak with ---?" I don't recall the name; at the time I just assumed it was a wrong number.

I told them "I'm sorry, you have the wrong number."

The woman asked, "Oh? Isn't this Auto ---?" Again, I don't recall what she said -- it sounded like she was asking about an auto company of some sort.

I told her again that she had she wrong number, and said, "Oh, I apologize" -- but she didn't sound very sincere.

I just called the number -- a man answered and said something that sounded like "(something) Intel Services" -- it didn't sound like "EBSCO Industries." However, I'm not wasting any more time on this. Why do these people bother repeatedly calling? What exactly is the point? I'm reporting them to the National Do Not Call registry, etc.
 Mar 18th, 2008
We should all start calling them and bitching them out
 Mar 18th, 2008
Despite my very obvious voicemail greeting, message contained male voice saying "Hello? Hello? Hello?"
 Mar 17th, 2008
Ebsco has been calling every other night at 8:30, and today, Sunday at 1:30 in the afternoon. I never pick up, but they keep calling anyway. How do I get rid of them?
 Mar 16th, 2008
Real people answer here...

The person responsible for these calls is:
Robert Prosise,
Vice President and
General Manager
EBSCO TeleServices

4150 Belden Village Avenue Northwest
Suite 401
Canton, OH 44718
Phone: 330-492-5105
Toll Free: 800-456-5105
Fax: 330-492-5205

...but we'll see.
 Mar 16th, 2008
These guys have called us every day for the past couple of weeks, the same time every day. We screen calls to only #'s recognize. They never leave a message. We've been on the DNC for many years.
 Mar 13th, 2008
DIDN'T ANSWER. CALL AT 7:45PM, MAR 12, 2008.
 Mar 13th, 2008
They call at least once a day; generally more. Really annoying
 Mar 09th, 2008
Called tonight for some Missy person. That might explain the cheerleader magazine thing. Anyway, I messed with her and told her she was in my basement tied up. All she could muster was "oh, um, oh, uuuuhhhh" then hung up. Hehehe!
 Mar 06th, 2008
If you go to their website http://www.ebscoind.com/industries/contact.asp there is a contact form. I filled it out and asked that they do not call. I am on the DNC list and they should respect that.
I request they remove my phone number from their call lists. I don't know if that will work, but its worth the shot.
 Mar 05th, 2008
They've called me every day for a couple of weeks now, usually it rings once or twice, or there is nobody there.
I called them back today and asked them to take my number off their list. They said it will take 48 hours, but hopefully it will work.
 Mar 05th, 2008
They are calling because a magazine you are getting is up for a renewal. Since you have subscribed to the magazine, being on the no call list is not effective. We have been answering the calls and it seemed like no one was there so we would hang up. I finally called the number today. I talked to a very nice lady that said they where calling because we have 3 magazine
 Mar 04th, 2008
I am calling them back,and going to keep calling - let's see how they like it! As the previous post commented, they call every night 6-9pm- it is so annoying! Get a clue, if i don't answer after calling several times - give up!
 Mar 03rd, 2008
Called several times for two months.
01/25/08 6:24 pm
02/27/08 12:12 pm
02/28/08 10:05 am
02/29/08 10:35 am
03/03/08 10:59 am

I read several other posts on this site and phoned Ebsco Industries at 205-991-6600 and asked that my number be put on the Do-Not-Call list. They said it takes approx. 48 hours. I will let you all know if they stop calling.
 Mar 03rd, 2008
They call everyday, even on Sunday. They have been calling everyday this year.
 Mar 03rd, 2008
they keep calling my house and no one is there when I pick it up
Travis Libich
 Mar 03rd, 2008
The DNC list allows companies you've done business with to contact you. If you have a magazine subscription for one of the magazines Ebsco Industries works with, they are not doing anything wrong by calling people on the DNC list. I suspect they are calling about a magazine subscription that I just let expire. As with most telemarketers, the first few calls are just from the computer trying to find out when you're home (no one there when you answer) before a real person calls. That doesn't make the calls any less annoying, but for those of you freaking out about the DNC list, I guess you didn't read the fine print when you signed up. Next time they call (and I know they will) I think I'm going to give the phone to my 15 month old. :)
 Mar 01st, 2008
2-29-2008 alabama in caller id window, just hangs up
 Feb 29th, 2008
They have called every night for over a week, I just don't answer! Very Annoying!
 Feb 29th, 2008
Have been calling constantly every day. Some kind of marketing firm. I finally got tired and put them on my FO-ES&D list on the telephone.
Jim C.
 Feb 29th, 2008
They call all hours of the night.
 Feb 29th, 2008
American Cheerleader magazine. They want to me to renew my supposed subscription. What is a 250+ man going to do with a magazine teaching cheerleader flips????? God I'm fat!
 Feb 28th, 2008
I have received a call from here as well...it is a telemarketing company for magazine subscriptions (that is what it says on the voice mail when you call back)
 Feb 27th, 2008
Recieved call Sunday Feb 24 @ 1:35 PM CST. Did not identify, unable to return call. We are on the federal do not call list. Will pursue further if it persists...
Dave TC
 Feb 24th, 2008
This number comes up at least once a day on my caller id. I let my machine take it and as soon as they hear my message they hang up. The state I live in has a no-call list for telemarketers,but somehow they make it through. Unless I recognize the number on my caller id,will let the machine always take it. 02/21/08
 Feb 21st, 2008
They have called me for last several days, I never pick up and they never leave a message. Am on the DNC list also.
 Feb 21st, 2008
they phone at all hours and everyday
 Feb 18th, 2008
2 Calls today, about 2 hours between the 2 calls. Asks for my husband, and when I ask to take a message because he wasen't avaliable, she said she would call back and hung up before I could even say anything. I tried to call the # back but it was busy. I kept hitting redial and finially it rang but no answer.
 Feb 17th, 2008
three calls from this number identified as Ebsco Industrie. Not answered. Who are they and what do they want?
 Feb 14th, 2008
Please - how do you get them to stop calling - it is so annoying to try to answer the phone and find no one there or a messaged left
 Feb 13th, 2008
I talked with them twice. They wanted me to resubscribe to a magazine and wanted my credit card information. I said i was not willing to give them that but send me something in the mail. They called back a week later wanting my credit card info again. I received a letter in the mail stating they paid "in good faith" my subscription so it would not run out and wanted me to return an invoice again with my credit info. I hate people like this.
 Feb 13th, 2008
I called them today, they are a magazine renewal company. They put me on a do not call list. I am hoping it is resolved. I voiced my irritation at being called daily with no-one on the other end of the phone. They said I should be all set. Good luck to you all, you may want to call, maybe with enough complaints they will change there company procedures.
 Feb 07th, 2008
This call comes everyday for about a month now. Does anyone know what is going on with it?
 Feb 07th, 2008
Calls every day including Sunday.....never leaves a voice mail.
 Feb 03rd, 2008
This is getting old. EBSCO has been calling my phone for the last 2 weeks,Every night At dinner time!!!!!! How do we stop this? not a good start for 2008.
 Feb 01st, 2008
They have called me every night between 8:20 and 8:45 MST weeknights and weekends for over two months now. They hang up when my machine answers or one of us does. VERY annoying.
 Jan 31st, 2008
I received a call tonight from Ebsco Industries. I figured out why you all are saying that they aren't there when they answer. It's a telemarketer, so there's a "lag" between the time you answer and they start talking. Not sure why. That's how I can always tell if it's not a legitimate call from someone you know. Anywho, it was about a magazine subscription my husband had through a school fund raiser. It had lapsed, so Four Wheeler magazine had referred our name to them. They WILL be hearing from me! I don't want no stinkin' magazines!
 Jan 31st, 2008
Call every night and sometimes during the day, too! Just says Alabama...so we don't answer!
 Jan 30th, 2008
What happened to the "Do Not Call List"?? They don't leave any message, either!! Persistently calls in evening weekdays between 6 and 9 p.m. EST. Called on Saturday a.m. around 8:30.
 Jan 29th, 2008
I have enabled "Selective" call forwarding so when 205-408-4817 calls it is forwarded to their corprate office @ 1-205-991-6600. If enough people did this - - they would at least have to change their number. See how they like this one! and if they have caller ID it will show up as EBSCO calling :-)
Jon J
 Jan 27th, 2008
called me by first and last name at 7:57pm and hung up
 Jan 25th, 2008
 Jan 25th, 2008
These guys are magazine telemarketers...
Steven Ross
 Jan 23rd, 2008
I am on the no call list and have received numerous calls from this number. When you answwer there is no one on the line, only clicking sounds.
Ralph Little
 Jan 21st, 2008
I followed the link below, to EBSCO Industries. I clicked their 'Contact Us' link and sent them an email to stop immediately. They were also reported to the DNC people. I told them in the email, if they contact me again, I will report them to the FTC, BBB, Attorney General and whoever else I felt like reporting them to. Tired of being harrassed by people who are not on the other end of their daily phone call (which has been going on for days) or any company or person that cannot be identified.
 Jan 19th, 2008
3 times today, Mon-Sat, for 2 solid weeks...
 Jan 17th, 2008
ebsco is a telemarketing company representing magazine comp. They get you name from any mag. you may have subscribed to. In my case , Field & Stream.
Email them at ets@ebsco.com and request them to remove your name from their mailing list. Then email yor magazine company and tell them you will NOT subscibe to them because of their policy to give/sell your name to telemarketers.
It worked for me
 Jan 17th, 2008
Here's a contact that worked for me to stop the calls.

Harlan W. Whitfield
EBSCO TeleServices
Assistant Daily Operations Manager
Toll-free: 1-800-243-7616
Phone: 205-408-4850
Fax: 205-980-6741
e-mail: hwhitfield@ebsco.com
 Jan 16th, 2008
Because you purchased the magazine the registry does not apply to them. it only applies to companies that are trying to sell you something new. basically they are calling you as a favor to remind you that your subscription is up for renewel not to sell you a dirt devil so its technically not soliciting. if they were breaking any laws then people wouldn't be "whining" for two years straight about being on the list and still getting calls.
 Jan 15th, 2008
How are they getting by the Do Not Call Registry?
 Jan 15th, 2008
Ok so heres the thing...they call using an automated dialer so when you pick up the phone and no one answers its because the computer hasn't patched it through to the tsr. If you hang up before the patch through then the computer puts you back in the system for a call back. to stop this simply be patient and wait for someone to answer. As for the "Hello...hello" messages on your machine its because the computer thinks its a person on the line and sends it through to the tsr, sometimes after the beep. and as someone already stated in a previous post it doesnt matter if your on the DNC list because you paid for the magazine so they can call you all they want. However if you dont want anymore calls then answer the phone, be patient, and politely ask to be taken off of the list. it's a simple three step process and its also very effective.
 Jan 15th, 2008
i called them back many times over and over agian to sell them pads of paper but they didn't want anything to do with me i said that how your calls are to americans so stop calling us... i'll call back tomarrow and see if there fridge is running. lol
hell ya got to have fun with it
i feel for the ones that call me. hahha
 Jan 14th, 2008
These people call constantly and I refuse to answer. I looked them up on a google search and they list themselves as a multi-functioning business. I have no idea why a company from Alabama would be calling people in Oregon and not leave any kind of message.
 Jan 14th, 2008
I am on the Do Not Call list. Number has now been blocked by me. Caller ID states it is a "Alabama Call".
Patti Anne
 Jan 14th, 2008
A woman keeps leaving messages on my parent's answering machine that say "Hello, is Andrea in?, Hello? Hello?" and then she hangs up! How annoying!
 Jan 13th, 2008