Surely you know that that number on your caller ID is where thee call is coming from, do you?
Look at what I just copied (and about to paste) from a message entitled 'Sponsor' the ad:

Fake Your Phone Caller ID
Fool Everyone - Dial 205-380-8900 No Per Minute Fee - Unlimited

I followed the link , and it says it's done this way:
1. Visit our sign-up page and choose a service plan.
2. Call our phone number and wait for the prompt/beep.
3. Enter the phone number of the person you want to call.
4. Enter any phone number that you want to show up on the caller ID.

It also says they have monthly plans or you can pay by the minute.

Now, if a non-commercial private party can do this, do you not find it likely that every telephone scam artist worth his salt already has the hardware and software to do this.

There oughta be a law against this kind of fraudulent/defrauding sh*t

Does anyone read these messages?

Can anyone DO something concerning passing a law against the sale and use of such equipment?

Is there a lawyer/public servant in the house? There it is! Go get it!!!
 May 01st, 2008