Stop calling me with this spam man. No one wants this garbage. Why keep calling people and the phone keeps hanging up on you. This is spam calling and annonance!! I have a call blocker and you can never get threw. Why keep calling me this is harrasment please stop calling me!!!
 Mar 28th, 2012
This number was a friendly call to promote the #1 Health Challenge in North America today. Our product is available in Canada, United States and Jamaica. We currently have over 108,000 people per month promoting the challenge. We have over 200+ celebrities (Roy Jones Jr, Hulk Hogan, Jessica Beil) who have joined us on our mission to stamp out obesity! Our nutritional shakes taste exactly LIKE A CAKE! I would invite you to email me today for a free sample or more information. No time for fitness, we understand. Go to today and contact me directly. If we have offended you in any way, my sincerest of apologies.
Dean Roorda
 Feb 28th, 2012