I continue to get calls from this company even after I put the Ph. # on my Block list! A guy with a foreign accent left a msg. first identifying the company as Advance America Cash* (AKA Cash America; Cash America Pawn.) I put the Ph. # on my Block list, but several days later they called again on an automatic dial where if you don't pick it up right away or if you do then quickly hang up, they will call 3 times! Putting the # on the Block list did NOT block them from calling. I never did business with the co., but perhaps whoever had my Ph. before it was given to my by Cox Comm. did and that might be why they cannot be blocked? VERY ANNOYING and F'king wasting my time! They also call from other Ph. #s and "mask" the # on the Caller ID. E.G. my Caller ID showed their last 4 #'s as "9005", but my Block feature ID'd the last 4 as "9000" which is the same company. They may have more #'s to call from-unfortunately!
John M.
 Dec 05th, 2013