Didn't have anything better to do at the moment so I thought it would be fun playing their silly game. First person I talked to was a woman, I think. She was pleasant enough but the heavy accent made it extremely difficult to understand what she was saying. She explained that my computer was sending out error messages and she wanted to help fix it. She said a few other things which I kept asking her to repeat. Time wasted costs them money, time and saves someone else the hassle. She eventually turned me over to her supervisor who had an even thicker accent. He wanted to know if I was in front of my computer which I responded - YUP. I was actually in my kitchen getting a much needed snack and was no where near any computer. He asked what was on my computer screen to which I responded - "my desktop". He seemed confused but then asked me to hold down the Windows key and hit "R". He then asked me what was on my screen. I told him it hadn't changed. That seemed to confuse him more. He apparently gave up at that point, said something I couldn't understand due to his accent and then hung up. Something that I detected that seemed to irritate the supervisor was my use of YUP instead of yes and my frequent requests to repeat what he said. Think he finally figured out I was just playing a game with him. That was a satisfying GOTCHA!!!
 Aug 11th, 2014
we get this phone call twice a day, every day. Cannot understand him and we ask him to take us on the list. How can we get this person to stop harrasing us?
 Jul 05th, 2014
This call appears to originate from Egypt (+20 international code). I filter all my calls through my answering machine and did not answer this as it was from an international number. This obviously annoyed the caller as all they did was breath very heavily into the telephone for several minutes and as they were paying for the call, I really didn't care. So if you are the person who called from this number, then please call again DICK HEAD and waste some more money. Your Aussie mates from Down Under!
Western Australia Australia
 Jul 03rd, 2014
called twice yesterday...first at 8:58am and then again at 9:13pm !! tried calling back and a recording said the number was disconnected...
make them stop
 Jun 24th, 2014
Kept him on the line for a while asking specifics on how these "error logs" got transmitted...from which IP address, etc. I do this stuff for a living, so he was over his head very quickly. Hung up after 5 minutes of trying to stumble through a flawed technical explanation of how he got these "error logs"
 Mar 13th, 2014
I have received multiple calls from this number. I answered and had someone with heavy accent suggest my computer was "sending error signals." He ask how many computers I had at my home and if I would be sure the computer was on. He "transferred" me to "tech support" who claimed to be with "windows tech support." After clarifying that he said "windows tech support" I pointed out this was obviously NOT legitimate as I do not have a windows computer in my house. Shockingly! He hung-up!
Duane D
 Feb 01st, 2014
I know this is a scam, it's one of those guys with a very heavy accent trying to tell you that there is a problem with your computer. Can these people not be stopped?
Patti White
 Jan 10th, 2014
I was told by the caller (a man with a middle eastern accent) that my Windows program was showing error codes at their headquarters and would need to be fixed. I told him to "GET LOST" and hung up.
Jeannie C
 Dec 19th, 2013
Its a scam, we were called last night about having problems with our email. My wife took the call. While she was on the phone she started to hand me the phone and tell me what the caller was saying about email problem. Before I got the phone handed to me I said out loud they are full of shit and then no one was on the line they hung up.
 Dec 17th, 2013
i keep getting calls from this number and sometimes it sounds like it is from india-there is a man with an accent that sounds very distant.he calls me by my last name and is asking about something to do with my internet.i do believe he is trying to retrieve information.if you get this call,do not identify yourself,hang up or do not pick it up.if he is calling in the morning,tuirn your ringer down...but blocking it will is obviously a scam..i blocked it on my service.
 Dec 14th, 2013
Calls about every 3 hours all day. Can't understand heavy accent mumbling same mumbling in background.
 Nov 25th, 2013
Real # is 732-579-6288 give them a call, the Indian guys are, John, Sam, Robert, Steve... lol BTW they don't like to be harassed. Bazinga!!!!
 Nov 19th, 2013
People from this damn phone number keep calling us early in the morning then there's no one there. After repeatedly saying "hello" over & over - they just hang up on us.

The worst thing that makes me want to PUNISH these callers is that WE ARE ON A NIGHT SCHEDULE so we've just got in after a long night and got to bed only to be woken up 2hrs later by these jerks. It's like a dayshift person getting a hang-up call at 2:30am. It wakes us up, gets us mad & blood pressure skyrocketing and then it's hard to go back to sleep right away. Our ISP lets us only block 12 numbers so blocking is no longer an option. Besides WE ARE ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST and what a joke, we're constantly called at all hours day & night. I wish I could hook up a TAZER into the phone line to send a message of my own to the caller
 Nov 07th, 2013
I have received one or two calls a day from this number, early morning and midday. I wish they would stop. I do not pick up calls. What can one do???
 Nov 07th, 2013
I am so tired of getting these calls. Last night one came in at 9:45PM. I am furious, as today I ran to get the phone (expecting an important call) to get this fraud call. I would really like it if they could fall off the face of the earth.
 Oct 09th, 2013
John from IT- Windows Computer calling to say I had computer problems....I asked how would he know if i had computer problems?? He couldn't answer me, with such a thick India accent. He was getting annoyed and I told him my husband works in the IT field and he fixes any issues we have at home. He said oh that nice but I know more than him!! I said oh okay well give me your phone number and name and he will call you back when he gets home. He gives me the phone number of 302-261-9542. He then gets angry and starts yelling at me that I am not listening......well I hung up on him. Funny thing is how he gave a different number than where he called from. I tried calling back the number on my caller id, to request no further calls from them and got a recording that the phone number has been disconnected!!! Go figure!!!!
 Oct 08th, 2013
Indian spammers calming to be from Microsoft.
 Oct 07th, 2013
Same story. Caller claimed to be calling from Microsoft and said my PC was sending errors and he wanted to assist me in diagnosing my PC.
 Oct 05th, 2013
I have received phone called from the number above(205-280-0212) with Indian accent claim he is technician with experience. Tell you to log in in Event viewer only their technician can remove this warnings and errors which B***S***t. So another words asked them to remove from the list they will give bunch of stuff why you need this.. so don't give anything to them any Personal Information.
 Oct 04th, 2013
A man with an Indian accent asking if I was the primary windows user. Several calls through out the past 2 days.
 Oct 03rd, 2013