Woman with India accent doing the "I'm from technical support for Windows" scam call. Specifically this one used the "fassoc/zfsendtotarget" script where they have you match the GUID of this item. She was not well rehearsed on it either, or perhaps I was too eager to have her "help" me; she stumbled a few times. When I got bored and accused her of running a scam she got mad. Next time I'll offer up some better insults after wasting more of their time.

These "windows support" scams start off with benign stuff but its just to convince you they know your PC details. They don't, and just are showing you stuff that is on ALL Windows computers. You can play along a bit to waste their time, reel them in slowly, set the hook and then let loose with scolding them about running the scam. Just stop doing anything when they start offering web sites to visit or commands you don't understand (and running "EventVwr" is not risky, its just Windows Event Viewer, and it always has some "errors" getting logged by something, none of which means anything).
 Mar 09th, 2016