I've had this same problem for the past week. They will often call up to 5 or 6 times in the same day and refuse to talk to anyone except my house-mate who is out of town. This is so frustrating!
 May 12th, 2007
I've been called by "them" for weeks now... Always same: hang up. Try to call them back, "the number you have reached is temporarily unnavailable".
I use VONAGE. Anybody else?
 May 11th, 2007
This number has called us for over a month daily. We traced the number to a donna loher in largo, florida. has anyone had luck on getting this to stop?
 May 10th, 2007
the called started with the message that all agents were busy...then asked for my husband, and talked to me b/c I was his wife. they were inviting us to a travel agency opening that would give me two round trip tickets/5 day cruise just for attending. I asked where she got my number, "randomly selected" seems to be the newest response. I told her I was on a no call list, and she replied, "obviously you are not because I called you." I am going to try to report the number. hope it works!
 May 09th, 2007
Obviously I've had this number before, but some different behaviour this time. A fellow called asking for my wife, upon learning she was not in, he politely said goodbye.
Also called number back, but unlike last time, got no answer at all (6 rings)
 May 09th, 2007
Same! They call me several times a week. I miss the call and when I try to call back - same message!
 Apr 30th, 2007
A young woman called and asked for my son using his nickname...he's away at school so she said sorry and hung up. I thought it might be a friend of his and re-tried the #, but got the same "temporarily unavailable" message reported here. We've been getting a lot of calls from various armed services recruitment offices so we thought that might be it. Don't know....
 Apr 25th, 2007
Recording saying the number I have reached is temporarily disconnected or no longer in service......
 Apr 17th, 2007
Same call...when I answer and don't say anything, it says that the agents are busy. When I answer and say anything, it hangs up. What's the deal with these idiots? I have Vonage...any of you?
 Apr 11th, 2007
A women called and asked my mother if I was there, she said "no". Then they called again a little later and left no message. I called back and it just rang...very strange.
 Apr 10th, 2007
I tried calling it back and got a recording saying "The number you are calling is temporarily unavailable"

 Apr 10th, 2007
They call every day, sometimes twice a day, and NO ONE is there...I call back and it says they are temporarily unavailable. This has been going on for WEEKS!!
 Apr 09th, 2007
They call everyday, leave no msg. tried reverse phone lookup, no luck. I tried to call back and it just rang.
One time I answered it and a computer voice said "I,m sorry, all our agents are busy, we will try again later" WTF????????
 Mar 17th, 2007