I too am on no call list..I guess that dosen't mean anything. Any who..keep getting a call fr this msg.what good is being on the no call list. ????
 Dec 09th, 2010
They have been calling at least once a day for the last few weeks and never leave a message. I'm also on the do not call list which doesn't seem to matter. I've been getting a lot of these kinds of calls lately and it's so annoying! In fact I just got another bogus call while writing this with an ID of John and Nicole with my local area code and prefix and a computer congratulating me on behalf of Norwegian Cruise Lines!
 Aug 18th, 2010
They left no message...I'm also on the DO NOT CALL LIST.Doesn't seem to matter much,these people continue anyway!!!!
 Jul 09th, 2010
I also got a call from 203-987-4304 and they left no message.I am also on the do not call list.What good is a do not call list if they still call.
 Jul 02nd, 2010
received a calll 6/28/2010 told them.. again I am not interested. please do not call again...also on no call list
on list
 Jun 29th, 2010
Received a call today from 203-987-4034

the name displayed as: Greenwich, CT

I did not answer it, they did not leave any message.

I am on the Do Not Call list, but it sure seems like I'm getting more and more unwanted calls in the last two months.......
Milford CT
 Jun 28th, 2010
I called the Dept of Public Utilities in CT to find out if this was a legitimate company and they are NOT licensed as energy suppliers in CT but "might just be an energy broker" according to the CT state worker. The calls are coming daily and the woman I talked to when I finally picked up the phone was rude and asked me why I did not want to save money on my electric bill. It is harassment. I would go with any other company than Next Gen, thank you very much.
Fed Up
 May 19th, 2010
Left no message. Caller ID just shows that the call was from Greenwich CT
 May 11th, 2010
They don't seem to care that we are on the do not call list. They need to be FINED.
 May 07th, 2010