Pinnacle Financial, Craig? Aaaahh, that opens a number of options. The cease-comm works on debt collectors, too, but use one only if you're not the alleged debtor or the account cannot be legally pursued. Otherwise dispute and validation is the best response. In either case the collector can be told to quit calling. The FTC and several consumer watchdogs explain more.

Learn how to exercise your FDCPA rights as an alleged debtor at FTC-dot-gov.
 Jun 27th, 2011
Although this is a CT area Code the company is Pinnacle Financial Group, a Collection Agency headquartered in MN.
* The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals
* ACA Certified Professional Practice Management System
* Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Pinnacle Financial Group, Inc.
7825 Washington Avenue S
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55439
 Jun 27th, 2011
Pinnacle? A collection Agency!!
 Jun 27th, 2011
The automated and sequential dialers favored by so many junk callers will never get ''the hint'' or ''the message'' on anything. Computers don't get tired and they don't need days off. If telecomm wasn't so much cheaper than other ways of being a pest, we might not have forums like this. You need to be direct and blunt, answer at least one call to size up the opponent, and often place your demands on Certified mailed paper to make them stick. Now if someone would actually provide a business name or category for this caller, maybe you can all get some informed help in silencing the irritant ... without resorting to the dubious arms race of call blocking.
 Jun 23rd, 2011
...every day twice a day..will NEVER answer...don't care who you are nor will you ever speak to anyone here!! Perhaps YOU will get the message since, apparently, you like wasting $$ on phone calls.
 Jun 23rd, 2011
...Every day, several times each day on two different phone numbers! Perhaps you don't get the message that we will NEVER answer your calls!! You can call for the next seven years....ain't gonna answer! might even help you to leave a message (although I doubt it)!! I am NOT that curious!!
 Jun 03rd, 2011
Why bother calling IF you never leave a message....well I guess that's because I won't call you back!!
 May 17th, 2011
Don't know who called. Rings twice but hangs up before I can answer.
 Aug 30th, 2010
who is calling me
 Apr 09th, 2010