Asked for a donation for our american vets Another person can on the line to ask for my credit card #. When I told them I planned on sending in a check for $20.00 they told me they needed the credit card # to save me a stamp and they wanted to close out the account tonight. I asked them if they were on the up and up and they hung up the phone. Be careful if this number shows up on your phone.
Sandy CT
 Jan 25th, 2016
Ignore any and all calls from this #. These are other #'s I ignore: 732-630-6241, 888-321-9438, 203-826-2175, 860-492-8963, 855-825-6859, 225-663-1052! They are all out to get your $$$$$
 Jan 08th, 2016
Called again 3 times. Irritating, we do not trust them.
 Dec 29th, 2015
Calls 3x's a day wants money, I do not trust this foundation, only 10% given to Vets. Scammers!
 Dec 23rd, 2015
this call is Foundation for American Veterans - which according to internet info collects $$ for vets but only give less than 10% of that money to the vets - which means that this is really a SCAM to get money.
 Sep 09th, 2015
QVD gets around. It is a bunch of scammers; don't give them a damn thing!
qvd calls from 42 phone numbers:
202-770-2260 202-770-2479 203-826-2175 234-542-5932 240-722-1925 248-507-4158 312-477-0334 314-450-8194 317-762-0033 330-222-6012 407-720-4395 407-749-1042 443-569-6951 443-569-7556 443-873-1529 469-606-9001 516-734-9079 606-930-9127 612-444-7450 612-800-6003 651-318-0588 651-318-0593 702-628-5587 702-770-2260 707-623-1526 712-560-3376 719-623-4411 7197019 720-545-1361 727-498-1062 732-853-8139 779-201-4191 845-228-8345 845-999-7580 850-462-7993 850-542-8771 864-990-1879 908-388-1152 914-326-7049 920-461-1872 952-204-9045 973-333-4948
The Curmudgeon
 May 21st, 2015
I have been getting calls from this number between 4 and 5 times a day. I asked them not to call back and my daughter reported them. They still call. It seems the guys wants money for the homeless vets. I have asked them to remove my number and they won't stop. I am elderly and it is really really bothering me. How can I make them stop. I know.. I can't. I did think of changing my number after all these years.
But I'm sure that wouldn't stop them from calling either.
 May 06th, 2015
Calls my home several times a day. I won't pick up. If it was someone who knew me and wanted to contact me they'd leave a message
 Mar 30th, 2015
calls our business 3-5 times a day. Morning noon and night. I will not
pick up won't give them the satisfaction.
 Mar 27th, 2015
Calls received daily from QVD, when I pick up caller hangs up. very annoying. Reported to do not and calls still keep coming.
 Aug 30th, 2014