I have no idea who or what this number number belongs to, but it's evidently a cell number based on a reverse number look-up. In any event, recently I have been receiving calls on not just a daily basis, but every few minutes, sometimes hourly, all throughout the day and night! I generally do not accept calls from numbers I don't recognize, and it's from Connecticut; I don't know anyone from there. The only people that have my number are friends, family, and work, no on else.

Anyway, either this idiot doesn't understand English (I sternly tell the person to stop calling my number) or thinks I'm someone else. Every time I see this number appear on the caller ID, I pick up and hang up the phone right away. Generally one would get a clue, but no, this person is persistent and calls right back over and over. A lot of times I don't say anything, but listen. It sounds noisy, as if it was in a busy place or one of those boiler room operations. Other times I shut off the phone and find out this bozo actually leaves me voice mail, too. I guess he doesn't seem to notice when I announce my name in the voice mailbox greeting. I get left with these annoying, garbled messages to someone else (not me!) that makes no sense. If it continues I will probably simply print out a telephone record for the authorities since the person keeps on calling and calling and calling...
 May 15th, 2009