So here goes:

Ms Debra (Deb) Thompson,
PayTec Account Manager for 'ENGAGED Inc.
Account # 4857372
Rochester PINNACLE Office
295 Woodcliff Office Park
Fairport, NY 14450

Phone: 585.340.2900
Fax: 585.340.2910

Debra's Direct Line is

Use Call Privacy on your line so that it shows up on HER call display as 'Private Caller'.
Tell her how unhappy you are with ENGAGED's refusal to say who they are whn they call you.
Send her an e-mail or add her to your faourite e-mail distribution list.
 Oct 31st, 2008
Call Display: Unknown Name 203-638-1171
• an A.D.A.D. message stating that the warranty on my vehicle is expiring and they are offering extended an warranty on my vehicle. This is a lie, as I do not own a vehicle. I lied and said that I owned a Toyota Metro, the Operator said that that the Toyota Metro is a nice car – an Internet search reveals that there is no such car.
(203) 638-1171Type: Land Line
Provider: Paetec Communications
Location: Trumbull, CT
Due to number portability, some numbers have been transferred to a new service provider.Type: Land Line
Provider: Paetec Communications
Location: Trumbull, CT
 Oct 31st, 2008
Exactly the same as OhjayKatz,except called here,in Toronto-would not respond to request as to where she was calling from,seemed a little rattled-hung up on me,as well.
 Oct 31st, 2008
Received call from automated machine greeting"this is my last chance to extend my warranty on my vehicle"...
press 1 to speak with a representative.
pressed 1 to speak wiqh a representative
'Judy' from the Regional Call centre, asked if I have a vehicle, I replied "yes, a bicycle', but however she said that for only a bicycle, i did not qualify for the extended vehicle coverage. When I asked what regional call centre she was calling from, she replied again, "From the Regional Call Centre"; I asked what state, and she did not answer, but said she would put me on the do-not-call-list. I pressed again from what call centre, and she repeated taht she was appologising for disturbing me, but that i would be put on the do-not call list and again did not say where she was at. she hung up after that.
 Oct 30th, 2008