I have repeatedly told this company that I am not interested. They continue to call several times a day. When I see the # come across my caller id I instantly get irritated. I am now going to report them to consumer affairs.
 Oct 26th, 2013
Thanks Aidan, 866-246-7196 scam was a quick and easy way to stop the calls!
 Aug 29th, 2013
I saw this comment from another blog and it's the same as what I've been through so I tried it out and since it worked for this phone number, I copy/pasted to pass this solution on; When I search for a way to stop these calls a similar phone number came up with only the last digit different and a comment for it talked of a do not call request service. Here's the info that helped me too; I had them check this phone number to see if it was also on their list and it was so after giving them the receiving phone number a couple of days ago, the calls stopped. They can be reached at 866-246-7196 scam.
 Jun 18th, 2013
definitely a scam. continuous calls with this caller ID hung up on him, I told them I'm interested in from on hold and never came back, I told him I was a national crime syndicate phone number and your number is being traced right now and to stay there. Anagent will be stopping by soon to pick them up. They are relentless.
 Jun 14th, 2013
Called again yesterday
 Jun 14th, 2013
Called and Asked for my wife by her maiden name (first clue it from a telemarketer as we left the phone listed in her name when we married 14 years ago). Caller asked if we received the electric 3rd party supplier rate info they sent us last month and started in on how they can save us money on our electric bill. (2nd clue this was a scam as the electric bill is in my name, not my wife's) When I started to challenge some of the questions, caller hung up on me. I called the number back immediately and seemed to get through to the same person who seemed surprised, hanging up on me again. I redialed a second time and got a standard number not in service message.
 Jun 13th, 2013