Canned male voice in full ''FM radio'' delivery mode hawking security system. Haven't heard this one before. Pushing hard for setting an installer appointment.

A recorded sales call hitting a DNC registrant makes two clear violations of the Telemarketing Sales Rule, opening the caller to a private TCPA lawsuit. What ''Phoebe said on another site'' is immaterial. The call should not have been placed here or anywhere else. A ''fast and easy'' opt-out is part of a smokescreen to fool you into thinking the call might be from a legitimate source. Shills for Monitronics, for example, have many times seeded sites like this with phone numbers allegedly available for opt-out compliance which in fact do little more than confirm an active phone number which can be traded off to more scammers.

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''Stop Tom'' site, helping explain the illegal alarm system hawker calls
 Aug 25th, 2013
I did what Phoebe said on another site to call 866-246-7196 scam. They confirmed this caller's phone number on their list and then added my receiving phone number to the do not call list. It's fast and easy and works to stop these calls.
 Aug 22nd, 2013
A couple of days ago another site said to call back and press 1 for the automated do not call request. I did and it works to stop the calls.
 Aug 22nd, 2013