I've long felt that Admin's stock advice at the footer of each thread page is misleading. There is no ''one size fits many'' approach to every category of mystery caller. Call blocking is a purely reactive response which muffles the noise but does nothing to cut off the callers at the knees. Most devices soon become overwhelmed as the junky callers rotate and spoof their phone numbers. What's more, many callers reported here are exempt from DNC list scrubbing.

The credit reprice scammers are certainly covered, but these are career criminals we're talking about here. They've weighed the risk of lawbreaking and it is simply too low to stop them. The wiser scammers dance ahead of efforts at control as a natural part of their business model.

Complaints to DNC are helpful in only a passive sense, adding to a pool of intelligence which is useful when regulators and law enforcement take action. This function is explained right on the DNC website. I would suggest not confining your complaints to a single channel. Give your story to the FTC, attorneys general, and the (however toothless) BBB. In 2010 the FTC drew upon all these resources to shut down several ''Rachel'' and ''Heather'' boiler rooms. I would even try the Secret Service, per its mandate to investigate all sorts of financial and electronic fraud.

Complaint filing is vital for the greater good but not likely to bring a swift personal solution. The next level I see is a theory of ''death by a thousand paper cuts''. If by a long shot you can nail down a physical U.S. address for your caller(s) or its HQ, then you can consider a lawsuit under TCPA and/or UCC and any relevant business regulations. The incessant bot calls to mobile phones are worth $500 a pop, or treble damages after the caller gets a Cert-mailed cease-comm.

You can't catch a devil if you can't find it, but these thugs are not invisible. Many ''Rachels'' historically appear to operate in phone scam capital Florida, for instance. Others may deploy overseas call centers, but could have someone stateside ripe for beheading.

- further reading -

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 Nov 01st, 2011
Again, for the I-don't-know-how-manyieth time, always with a different number but always a variation of, this time, "Account Services" also: "Card Services", "Cardmember Services" or "Member Services". They make a robo-call and ask me to press "1" to speak to someone and, today, that person couldn't tell me who called me. She just hung up. I keep reporting them on the Do Not Call Registry but they STILL KEEP CALLING ME. I am absoluteley sick and tired of these people bothering me on my cell phone when I'm on the Do Not Call List and I've reported them MANY times but the calls won't stop. They want to scam me for some kind of credit card baloney and I won't do it. What is it going to take to get them to stop? I'VE HAD IT. The notes below the entry box I'm filling this out in say: 1. Ask them to put me on their DO NOT CALL list (they are legally required to comply). -I do, and they still keep calling. 2. Register with the Do Not Call Registry. -I have been registered for 10+ years. 3. Block them with a call blocker. -They use a different number every time. Blocking 20, 30 or even 70 numbers isn't going to help. I need to know the next step.
Ken P
 Nov 01st, 2011