Received a call today, sunday eve from the same number claiming to be Auto Processing Company for a car I haven't owned in 3 years. When I told the girl that I am on a do not call list, she told me that if i was on the list she wouldn't be calling me and that I should update the do not call list. go figure. the nerve.
 Feb 18th, 2013
This company calls me constantly then hangs up when I answer. I finally called them back and they claim that they are an "Auto Processing Company" and wanted to discuss the warranty on a car which we have not owned for over 5 years!! I have never done business with them, and told them that I am on the Do Not Call list (which is useless anyway), and if they call again, I will file a complaint and they will get fined. Thankfully, my phone company keeps a log of who calls me and when, so I'll have proof if they call again.

Fed Up
 Feb 12th, 2013