Got a call from this number Jan 11, 2008 at 8:25pm on a Friday night (on my cellphone) I said hello, the caller said "Hi this is [didn't get name] from the [Something] Street Alliance. The background of the call was very noisy so I didn't get the caller's name or the full name of where he said he was allegedly calling from. I missed the first word he said and then it sounded like Street Alliance. I asked him, "Who are you calling for?" and he said, "Are you the homeowner?" so right there I knew that it was some type of telemarketing cold-calling campaign for someone, since they didn't even have the name of who they were calling for. I replied that he was calling me on a cell phone number and that I was at work. He said sorry, I said no problem and we hung up. If you research this number it comes back to being out of Bridgeport, CT. which is one of the nearby towns to me and type:PCS which I think might mean it's a prefix reserved for cell phone users. Seems pretty strange someone would be telemarketing using a cell phone and ends up calling other people's cell phones. Hopefully that was the first and last call I'll get.
 Jan 14th, 2008