Comcast, these people are annoying. My bill is DUE ON SEPTEMBER 1st, today is August 22, duh, I paid it online from my bank account to be debited on 8-29th, which is 2 days ahead.
The very first bill I got from Comcast was for 2 months! I called them and said, "The bill isn't due for 2 weeks, and you're telling me I am late??" The woman said quote, "This is the way it is set up". Meaning Comcast wants you to be 2 WEEKS AHEAD OF THE DAY THAT THEY BILL YOU! It's ridiculous!
 Aug 22nd, 2012
Yup, it's Comcast. Bill collector.
 Jun 23rd, 2010
If you are disputing a bill with Comcast or have an unpaid balance, after 2 weeks they send the account to EAS and they start calling you from this number, even if you did settle the account and/or pay it after the last warning from Comcast's automated dunning system.

It's a glitch in how they operate---I had one call from these people and I answered it. I put the collection agent on hold and then I cold-conferenced in Comcast's billing number w/o telling her and started punching 2) to review my account then 1) for Cable, then 1) to have them repeat my balance and last payment date.

I made her listen to it and then she told me she marked the account paid and I wouldn't get another call from her again about it.
 Nov 23rd, 2008
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 Oct 09th, 2008
This is a collection agency for Comcast. I was waiting for Comcast to take charges off the bill that weren't supposed to be there before I paid. They had to send someone out to the house again and when I called them initially they said the charges would be taken off after the second guy came out. They weren't. I was waiting for a new bill to arrive but I ended up paying the balance (minus the charges that weren't supposed to be there) yesterday and called Comcast afterward. They took the charges off and sometime later I got the same message from "Ashley Coleman calling on behalf of Comcast". I called back and she said she was just checking up to see if the past due balance was paid. I explained the situation to her and that the balance was paid and she was fine with it. She didn't hassle me or anything. Thank god for that considering every time I call Comcast I have to put up with their bull crap! They tried to charge me because someone in the building was tampering with the internet connections (and I suspect stealing my internet access)!
 May 29th, 2008
I got a clee from this number 203-2702439. Says they are COMCAST if they are Comcast how come my caller ID shows EAS, well I won't have to worry about them calling me any more. I entered their number into my device attached to my phone now when they call my phone dosent even ring send them directly to voice mail. No more Annoyance from this number anymore.
 May 28th, 2008
They've called previously with a recording, saying 'Hello, this Lynn Calling on behalf of Comcast, its is very important that you call me at our toll free number, etc. etc.'. 'On behalf of' is code word for collections, but I'm current on all accounts, so it must be a mistake.
 Jul 14th, 2007