I wasn't home to pick up on the call and there wasn't any message left. I did a little research on another site that people from Canada and other countries were getting most of the calls. Many reported that the caller tells them that they are from Microsoft and that they were told that there computer has a problem. They request to access their computer remotely so they can fix the problem. Most all report the caller having a heavy Indian accent. Interesting twist in trying to access a users computer to harvest information or plant malicious software. Unfortunately there are probably a number of people who fall for this scam and get burned.
 Aug 03rd, 2013
i don't want no phone of you

450-759-7659 don't disturb me
 Oct 29th, 2012
I let this call go to the answering machine and listened to at least three men arguing in what sounded like Arabic. Very strange.
 Mar 16th, 2012