Caller ID: PATRIOTS; never leaves a message; seems to cycle every 7-10 days for 3-4 days in a row, calling 3-5 times a day. Of course I'm on the do not call list, have never answered this or similar callers, and I've used up all my blocks. VERY irritating!
 Oct 22nd, 2013
Some spouting some crap and would like $$$
 Oct 17th, 2013
Suspect a Republican or tea party group
 Oct 02nd, 2013
I received this call @ 10:11 a.m. EST, Saturday morning 9/28. Nothing on the line when I said Hello, after a few seconds it disconnected. While I AM an American Patriot, I do not appreciate getting random calls from a group who I have not signed up with. Oh well, not as bad as the other night at 11:24 pm & 11:40 pm I got a "This call is in reference to your mastercard account" call!! From a phone number that was missing one digit so I couldn't even reverse search it!
 Sep 28th, 2013
Once again this number calls and then hangs up!!
 Sep 19th, 2013
Return call rings no answer
 Sep 19th, 2013