Nice to see your input again, MB. I'd agree that story skirts the DNC exemptions if not outright abuses them. It's fairly common among even legit firms for a return number to differ from whatever outbound appears on CID, so that part I would let go.
 Jun 14th, 2011
The caller ID said "LANDMARK TELES", with the above number. However, the caller ID information is obviously forged, since the caller said that she was calling from San Antonio, Texas, and gave their phone number as 210-858-9121. A female calling herself "Elecia Culsey" said that she works for "Landmark Teleservices, 8301 N. Broadway Street, Suite 219, San Antonio, Texas 78209", phone number 210-858-9121. She said that they do not check the numbers they call against the DoNotCall list. She claimed to be representing the Washington Post. She is selling some kind of "coupons" for "local merchants". Her "manager", calling herself "Michelle Martinez", gave a similar story, but claimed that they were not selling anything and that they were exempt from the DoNotCall list. However, they are obviously either selling the Washington Post or advertising for "local merchants", depending on what parts of their story you believe.
Matt Bieneman
 Jun 14th, 2011