I got the same call, same topic. They really are desperate when they are calling Liberals!
 Mar 25th, 2013
Robocall. Tedious diatribe against Obama. Must be getting REALLY desperate, since they are giving me a call! ;-)
Impeach Bush
 Mar 13th, 2013
I also got the call, but I didn't mind the call, Why, because I bought a Digitone Call Blocker. www.digitone.com The first time they call, it rings my phone and the call comes through. I then block the number and the next time they call, my phone doesn't even ring and the blocker hangs up on them. You can even block entire area codes. I have it setup to block any incoming calls with the 202 area code. The blocker keeps track of all calls, good and bad ones. Then I like to check to see who got hung up on just for fun like I am now.

You need to buy one of these, you’ll like it. No monthly fees either
Tom in Oshkosh
 Mar 13th, 2013
Bastards keep calling me from a variety of numbers, all from 202. This is the 4th 202 number they've used in the last six weeks. Worse than telemarketers because they are "political" and the Do Not Call list gives them a pass. Another one, 202-367-9216, comes up on the caller ID as "College Reps." Same message dissing Obama.
 Mar 12th, 2013
We, in our household, are politically strong liberals; so this call we received was especially offensive - and should be to every citizen of our country. It was filled with disgusting total lies and the mongering of false fears that we associate with the right-wing Republicans. My husband and I were in the same room when I answered this call and accidentally bumped the speaker button. We listened in horror and I tried to call
the number back to express OUR feelings; but, of course, that wasn't possible. I hope these non-Americans are on the radar of the Southern Poverty Law Center and law enforcement agencies.
Cinda Hortin
 Feb 19th, 2013
you got him in there, now put up with him and stop trying to get money for BS promises!
another call and the AJ gets notified.
senior citizen
 Feb 19th, 2013
Some sort of political, anti-Obama, fund raising call.

We block ALL calls from area code 202 (Wash DC)
 Feb 15th, 2013
This message is not only hostile against the President, it's downright bullying! No respect: "if you cringe at the idea of Obama next four years, you must listen to this message." First: It's President Obama or Mr. President. Respect the office if not the man. No wonder kids are bullies these days..the adults that are the parents make creepy phone calls. So, it's a hater call.
 Feb 12th, 2013