Caller I. D. had Akin for Senate. He is not running for office in my state. Thank goodness!
 Oct 18th, 2012
Akin for Senate calling me using a robocall featuring Mike Huckabee ... I can safely say that I am NOT on that target list.
a Democrat
 Oct 09th, 2012
We received a call asking us to support the legitamate rape guy. I asked that they take us off of their list, they said no. I hung up on them.
 Oct 01st, 2012
I've had two calls from this number in two days. My caller id says this is "Akin for Senate". It should say "MORON for Senate"! It's a recorded message from someone wanting people to contribute to the campaign for Todd Akin from Missouri. I am a Republican but after what that IDIOT said about "legitimate Rape" I won't vote for him if he was the last man on earth! I hate stupid bigoted morons such as him!

But furthermore, these people are calling all over the country and not just in his state of Missouri! FYI, after his STUPID remark, the Republican party has given up his seat as lost so money given to his campaign or a vote for him is a waste! Only the hard core anti-abortion nut jobs are still supporting him. Thanks to his inane remark, Todd Akin has probably single handedly prevented the Republican party from winning the Senate this election!

Soon you'll be able to thank Todd AHole Akin for four more years of Obama and Obama (lack of) Care!
 Sep 26th, 2012