202-800-5659 is a SPOOFED NUMBER meaning a SCAMMER is behind the call. The caller ID says Teletown Hall, which is a real organization that provides interactive telephone services usually for political candidates, businesses, schools,sports teams, etc. (Teletown Hall, 4600 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 802, Arlington, VA 22203, 202-237-8313). It is very likely that Teletown Hall has had its phone number spoofed (hijacked) just like so many other small businesses by scammers.
 Oct 31st, 2014
This number called us and TRIED to interrupt a ~LONG DISTANCE~ **FAMILY call** on **FATHERS'*DAY*SUNDAY**. Caller ID said "TELETOWN HALL." THEN, just **4 MINUTES** later, they called AGAIN, while we were STILL on our FAMILY CALL, SAME "TELETOWN HALL" but supposedly from 425-320-5001. WTF??? WHO the H*LL are these people and HOW DARE they call on SUNDAY, let alone a NATIONAL HOLIDAY SUNDAY. Whatever politician or 'charity' is behind this deserves to be BURNED AT THE STAKE. This is most likely a REPUBLICAN tactic because despite SAYING they have 'family values' they are doing MORE as a part to DESTROY the American Family than any other group.
 Jun 17th, 2013