I received many phone calls with no voice mail. Today I picked it up and they identified themselves as calling from the american lung association. When I said take me off your list they said they were not calling for a donation. I hung up. My number is on the do not call list. Horrible I am reporting them
New York
 Apr 04th, 2016
I have received ten phone calls from different numbers, all CallerID'd as "ALA".

This is the American Lung Association, calling to see if they can send you their fundraising materials to distribute to your neighbors and collect the responses for them. It will save them postage.

The last time I did this, all I ended up with was angry neighbors. ALA -- do your own damned fundraising.
 Mar 13th, 2015
frequent calls with no messages left
 Nov 20th, 2014
repeated,unsolicited and annoying!
North Carolina
 Oct 26th, 2014
i have received many calls from "ALA". i have found robo dialers usually disconnect themselves after four or six rings,so i programmed my answering system to kick on after eight rings. these types of calls now come less frequently.
 Sep 20th, 2014