Everybody - I got a hang-up call from this number today. It had been 19 days since I got one of these calls - a new world's record! I used to get at least 2 or 3 calls every day.

It's because I'm using a free website that I read about in the comments from another number on Whocalled.us: It's called NOMOROBO. I can't recommend it highly enough. On their website, you can read write-ups from various newspapers and tv stations.
New York
 Apr 21st, 2014
left a recorded message on phone about lowering interest rates and it is urgent that I call "Card Services", I picked up the answering machine and punched #1 to talk to a representative who answered by saying, "Would you like to lower your interest rate?" and I said, "No, take me off your calling list". She hung up on me.
 Apr 10th, 2014
It was a recorded woman's voice . It started before the outgoing message was complete so most of their message didn't get recorded. We don't know what it was about but she did want us to have a wonderful day. There have been storms here all day, Wonderful!
 Apr 02nd, 2014
Lower your interest rate criminal scam.
New York
 Apr 01st, 2014
It was a recorded messages to lower my interest rate. I pressed nine and gave the person on the line a bunch of incorrect info about my credit cards. They realized that I was scamming them and hung up. If they are calling me and bothering me, then I can bother them right back. The Do Not Call list is a big joke. It does not work. The government can spy on our phone calls, they should be able to locate these people and stop them
 Mar 25th, 2014
The said that I am entitled to a rate reduction and requested that I press 9 which I did - when an agent answered he asked if I responded because I wanted a rate reduction to which I said, "NO, I responded because I do not want you calling this number anymore" He promptly hung up on me. Shall we call it a scam?
 Mar 12th, 2014