THIS IS OUR PUBLIC EDUCATION CAMPAIGN ABOUT POLICE FIRE VETERAN"S AND CHILDREN'S CHARITIES. It can happen anywhere and when it does we would love to hear from you.

As for the group on this page, it would be a good idea to let your fundraiser know we are out here and now you know that we are looking at them too. I would not let them misrepresent because the first time they do and we catch them, it's all over with but the crying.

Officer Down Foundation,

This is a message from Rev. James of the Holy Land Spiritual Church Inc. in Maryland and its integrated auxiliary Police Fire Crimeline (The Badge Fraud Tip Reporting Hotline)

I am only going to tell you this one time. Don't you dare come out here on to this or any other board and try to say you are trying to help fallen police officers. You are not trying to help anyone but yourselves. You think I am going to let you talk to these people who are trying to protect themselves from you in that condescending manner. Let me see if I can explain this to your two week on the job backside. Officer Down Foundation's program is to teach Crisis Chaplaincy to Chaplains, it is not to provide benefits to the families of officers killed, they only pitch that because their real program would not get them one single donation, and every time you say they are providing benefits to families of officers killed it is a lie and a misrepresentation and is potentially criminally actionable against you personally as well as your bosses David Fair, Paul Kutac, Phil Leconte and David Deriks.

I will bet you did not know that those are the same group of guys that run the Police Protective Fund and American Association of Police Officers and the Junior Police Academy. These men are so honest and hard working that even after several states sued the pants off of them they had to go out and start another identical fake charity. Remember "Operation False Charity"? Yeah, wow, they were part of it, and now look at who has come to defend them and their new carbon copy of the Multi State proven fraud the Police Protective Fund and by extension The Crisis Chaplin Project.

You, a person that I already know has maybe 2 weeks experience on the phone. I am going to offer you some sage advice from one of your elders in what is left of that industry. GET A NEW JOB! This one is about to disappear.

Now, you have called into 6 of my 50 states and misrepresented yourselves, Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee and North Carolina and that is a problem for your organization because that is where my organization is located and our mission is to protect charitable dollars specifically raised in the name of Officers Killed in the Line of Duty. Now let me tell you what my organization does. We search out and report fraudulent Police Fire Veteran's and Children's Charities and their professional fundraisers. We protect the money of the people who protect us.

If anyone reading this wants to help with a donation for us to keep going after these scams, feel free to email me and lets talk. And unlike David Fair attempting to claim 501 c3 status before it is granted, Churches, like the Holy Land Spiritual Church in the United States are granted automatic 501 c3 status so you know you can deduct your donation from your taxes when the law allows.

We also recruit former professional police fundraisers as volunteers to help us go after groups like yours and you would be welcome to join us as well. And we always want to hear any tips on fraudulent activity in public safety charities so we can report them too. The days of diverting money from non profits and charities that really give their money to the families of officers killed in the line of duty, are OVER!

What a coincidence that would be huh? A church and a Minster going after a Chaplain, I would say God called one of us and the other has a big problem not just on earth, but after life too.

Do you know how much easier our job would be if your Officer Down Foundation did not exist?

I am not the kind of minister you are probably familiar with that gets up on Sunday morning to preach about Fire and Brimstone. I am the kind of minister that BRINGS Fire and Brimstone to your doorstep.

See the problem for your organization is that because of your fraudulent activity, you are making us expend our donor’s money to investigate you because you see, that is what OUR donors (Holy Land Spiritual Church) gave their money too and they knew full well that they were giving their money for us to go after groups like yours.

That would be the exact opposite of your group where the donor’s think they are giving to the families of officers killed in the line of duty but what you dont tell them is that the money they donate is really going to David Fair's personal mission of this "Crisis Chaplain" concept.

Well if you did not know we existed before I am not surprised, they never tell you phone jockey's anything, but you are about to know we exist now.

It is our duty and responsibility to protect our donor’s money and the only way for us to do that in the case of the Officer Down Foundation is for them to shut down voluntarily or we must sue the pants off of your group until you are ended. Oh and that is not all you have to look forward too, in North Carolina where you are calling, what you are doing is considered to be a class H felony.



Rev. James
Holy Land Spiritual Church
Police Fire Crimeline
Badge Fraud Detective Investigations Inc.
5409 Deale Churchton Road #202
Churchton, MD 20733 or
Tip Line 877-FRAUD97 (tips only) (submit online tips)
202-470-3209 (Church Office)


Liviticus 6-2 to 6-5

When any of you sin and commit a trespass against the Lord by deceiving a neighbor in a matter of a deposit or a pledge, or by robbery, or if you have defrauded a neighbor,

or have found something lost and lied about it—if you swear falsely regarding any of the various things that one may do and sin thereby—

when you have sinned and realize your guilt, and would restore what you took by robbery or by fraud or the deposit that was committed to you, or the lost thing that you found,

or anything else about which you have sworn falsely, you shall repay the principal amount and shall add one-fifth to it. You shall pay it to its owner when you realize your guilt.

We stand on the First Amendment to the
United States Constitution.

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Rev James
 Jun 22nd, 2010
I work for a telemarketing outfit in the midwest that makes calls for a company called "Community Support" - Breast Cancer Relief Fund. I am, as most who work there, a recent parolee. Others are recovering drup accits..often living in homeless shelters. Normal people don't work there. It is the end of the road fo job hunters. We also call for various police, veterans, and firefighter so-called charities. I am not proud of what i do, I do have a conscience. But, it was the only work could obtain with my record out of the joint. It pays $8/hr.. On a good day, I will bring in over $500 dollars in commitments. It is a true numbers game...a hunt for the dumb and dumber. Of the people who commit on the phone to donate, about 40% are actually stupid enough to mail back a check when they get the pledge "bill" in the mail. And it does look like a BILL when it arrives...more chance the sucker will pay it...especially older seniors. Do the math, and u can see these operations make lots and lots of money for themselves. If i obtain a certain sales quota for the week (average of $50/hour), I recieve a bonus. A whole extra 25 cents an hour to make my pay $8.25. If I would have a lousy week or two in a row ($40 or less a hour)....they fire you. For them, it is all about what $$$ u brught them within the LAST hour. If u have a bad start to a shift, not making the money THAT day....they tell u to go home that day after 2 hours. It does not matter what u made yesturday. There is constant turnover. Most telemarketiers last 3 weeks if that. I have somehow worked there for 6 months. We make 400-500 computer asissted calls a shift. As SOON as one call is terminated, within a second u are talking to the next sucker. It is hell. I work in a dirty office basement with 20-30 other people sitting in folding chairs, calling from folding tables...talking loadly into phones...shoulder to shoulder with the next caller. It is so loud, u can't really hear what the callee your talking to is saying 1/2 the time. The scripts are very misleading, making like you have contributed before or in the case of police officer. If I call for a police fundraiser....I act like the a "man in blue" just pulled you over. If I call for cancer or child's wish foundation, I turn on the soft, pleading helpless voice. It is a fine line as to what u can say or not say. U are ALWAYS monitored...constantly. If u are good and bring them money....u can stretch your script to the limit...but never cross a line with obvious lies. However, u need to learn quickly how to resond to questions from "suckers" to not lie, but quickly give the answer they want to hear. In fact, this is the only real "training" a new telemarketer to sound and say things, but not to say mislead. This, MISLEADING telemarketing, once your a seasoned telemarker, makes the difference in getting a sale or not from the "sucker". Every call is recorded...for the telemarketers protection. We have to give a rebuttal (offer for a less donation after the "sucker" first says no) NO MATTER what. This makes me feel worse. Often, it is an old lady who responds, "Husband just died, I just got out of the hospital, Daughter losng her house" and with tears she says she can't help this year. Yet, I have to continue to harrass her...asking for at least $15. If I don't do this...I am monitored by supervisors (bald, tattoos, piercings, EX-CONS-cons also) who will fire u on the spot. So, u become numb to it. U just do what is expected. This telemarketing company takes about 85-90% of your donation. As telemarketing outfits have been known to be sued over the years (the owner of the one I work for is a manager disciple of the outfit in Orange County "called the king- sir gold" Mitch Gold - google him -senteced to 8 years in federal prison) ...this amount is just enough to keep the DA's off thier back as legitimate enough....if you can believe it. The other 15% goes to the charity...but remember...THEY have administration expenses themselves...taking most of the little money left. These seedy charities are in hand and hand with the telemarkeing outfits. IF YOU GIVE TO ONE CHARITY....EXPECT TO BE CONTINUALLY HARRASSED.
You will go on a "tap" sucker list....with telemarketers calling u for other donations under umbrella charities. Knowing you were dum enough to give to one charity,the computer will put your stupid name on a computer file recall, and often the same caller will call u back in 2 -3 months for another related charlity....say "Firefighters and paramedics". They will try to run u as dry as possible, calling u for years, acting like u donated last year for THAT cause...even though your deseased spouse from 5 years ago that may have donated for another "scam" charity. It is mindboggling to me. But as they say, "There is a sucker born every day". true is that!
I am soooo sorry for all the thousands iv'e called. With the economy..i know it is a bad excuse - I cannot get employment...coming out of the joint after many years. I AM practically homeless with what i get paid ... but without this job...I would be. Perhaps if this can protect a help them understand this slime...I made a difference.
 Jun 13th, 2010
woman identified herself from the "Breast Cancer Relief Foundation & wanted a donation. She wanted me to give her my personal checking information over the phone. when I refused - she argued with me. Finally, she realized that I would not give her any info - she called me stupid (angrily) and hung up on me
 Mar 30th, 2010
BCRF is now using at keast 13 different phone numbers. The call I received was from Miami (area code 786). They apparently have quite a scamming set up.
 Jan 27th, 2010
 Jan 27th, 2010
I have received several calls from BCRF, according to caller ID, from area codes 202 and 314. last two numbers were 314-627-5579 and 202-747-7371. What good is being on the no call list if people can still call??
no call list
 Nov 02nd, 2009
I never actually talked to these people, I just got a bill in the mail saying I said i wanted to donate.
I called the 800# below in one of the comments and they said they would remove me. I think its a scam and
its a shame they are using breast cancer to make a financial gain. I will report them as well.
 Oct 08th, 2009
this place called me today and I said "hello" several times, I didn't hear anything. I was about to hang up and then I heard a woman laughing and then after a few seconds of the laughing they hung up on me. freaks! After reading these comments this must be a scam. Don't give any info to these crazy people!!!!
 Jun 09th, 2009
They called me told me to hold for an important message. I sat on the line to hear the people talk about how they colored their hair, had a fights with their husbands.
Oh yeah what a company. Beware they won't ever talk to you.
I added them to my block call list so I don't have to hear from them anymore.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Jun 06th, 2009
im on unemployment, foodstamps and a state worker recently had his/her laptop stolen when the idiot left it in the car! two weeks ago i received a letter that stated my info my or may not make its way into the wrong hands.... i got a call from this place bcrf today!!!!! im so disgusted.
mad as hell
 May 15th, 2009
I said "Hello", caller said "Hello , Ms. --------". (They had my correct last name). I said "Do I sound like a Miss to you?" Caller said "I did not hear you answer" then hung up on me. I called the number back and got a recording that asked me to "enter the initials of the person you are calling", when I said "F,U" the recording disconected me.
 May 06th, 2009
I also meant to say that the name of the company on the bill said "Breast Cancer Relief Foundation"
 May 01st, 2009
Called my husband on February 21,2009 and was asking him if he knew anyone with breast cancer and he said yes. We had no income then (we were both out of a job) and recieved $650.00 in food stamps and medicaid for our children because of it. Thankfully our luck has changed and he has finally found a job and it is a good one. On May 1st I was getting my girls of the bus and recieved a bill from the Breast Cancer Relief Foundation for $15! I called my husband at work and told him about it and he said that he did talk to them and told me what happened. I the Information number on the bill (1-800-921-2022). I was angry and told the lady about the bill and our financial situation and she asked what organization I was calling about. I told her and said that I was fixing to call the police, the Better Business Bureau, and the Attorney General. She said that it was probably a mistake and asked for the Sponsor Confirmation # on the bill. I told her and continued to let her know how angry I was. I said that in February we couldn't even afford to feed our kids on our own much less just give money away. She said she would take care of it on her end and to throw the bill away. I told her that the name on the bill wasn't even spelled correctly. I am keeping that bill and all the info I have found out incase this comes up again. The website on the bill says They want the payment sent to P.O. Box 45839 Atlanta, GA 30320-5839, but the address on the website is 615 Barrone Street, Suite 301 New Orleans, LA. The number on the website is 504-529-3258. I called it and a machine picked up with an older lady on it asking for your full name and phone #. I left a message that they were a bunch of scam artists that prey on people with foodstamps and no income. THEN, I found this website and found out that the real organization doesn't solicit over the phone. I called the above 800 number again and the same woman answered and I told her that the real one doesnt solicit over the phone and that it was a scam and that I was contacting the police, BBB, and the attorney general. She said "We are registered with the attorney general." I said good that will make it easier for them to contact you when my complaint goes through. I then hung up. If these people call DO NOT ANSWER ANY OF THE QUESTIONS WITH ANYTHING THAT EVEN SOUNDS LIKE YES. BETTER YET, DONT EVEN SPEEK AT ALL. IF YOU DO THEN YOU JUST PLEGED TO PAY AT LEAST $15 TO THEM.
 May 01st, 2009
called today about 10 seconds of silence then a women came on and asked if this was mr.__________. I said yes and then she hung up. very strange. all most like they had some other info on me and just wanted to verify my name with a phone # or something. Obiviously they did have some info. For them to know my last name.
 Apr 27th, 2009
We weren't home and they left no message.
 Apr 26th, 2009
Called me today. Would not say anything when I answered. Caller ID comes up with BCRF.
 Apr 16th, 2009
Called me again today
 Apr 15th, 2009
I rec'd a call from them yesterday. They just hung up and left no message. So I decided to call them back this morning and just got an answering machine to leave my name and number which I didn't. I did leave a message telling them I know they are scam artists using the name as Breast Cancer Relief Fund and not the Breast Cancer Relief Foundation and I'm reporting them to the attorney general. I don't know if they have caller ID but if you want to call and leave the same message, block your number before calling them. Maybe if they get several messages like I left, maybe they will quit calling or shut down. Just a thought.
 Apr 10th, 2009
In some states if you tell them to stop calling and they don't its phone harrassment and illegal
 Apr 09th, 2009
I told the caller they wouldn't get a dime outta me over the phone.... we'll see if they call back, I was rather rude once they stated they didn't have to honor the Do Not Call list....My goal is always to get on the caller's Do Not Call list, it can be done!
 Apr 02nd, 2009
I'm on the Do Not Call list. I wish that meant for everyone except those I choose to have call me.
John Q. Public
 Apr 02nd, 2009
Saw the number and recognized the area code as being the DC area. Don't know anyone there so I didn't answer. No message left. They called at 16:45MDT and showed as "no name".
 Mar 31st, 2009
They called me as well last night; extremely rude and pushy. I asked for literature, and the caller gave me some doubletalk about how they couldn't sent it unless they received my commitment. She was extremely pushy and "friendly" in the phony way. Finally she hung up.
 Mar 30th, 2009
Soliicting for Breast Cancer Relief Foundation and asked for my husband with name that he doesn't use. Told them we don't accept such calls.
 Mar 25th, 2009
Called and hung up
 Mar 23rd, 2009
Woman called and hung up when asked who was calling. On Do Not Call List ... time to start another complaint file!
 Mar 21st, 2009
BCRF called, i yelled Hello several times, no response
 Mar 20th, 2009
They asked for me by name, or my wife. I asked them "who is this?" They hung up on me.
 Mar 20th, 2009
When I answered a voice said "Please hold for the next available agent"
I got suspicious and hung up the phone
 Mar 17th, 2009
They called today. Checked your site as the call came in and didn't answer. Thanks for all the input!
 Mar 11th, 2009
This call is from the BREAST CANCER RELIEF FUND (CROOKS) and NOT FROM BREAST CANCER RELIEF FOUNDATION WHICH IS AUTHENTIC. THESE PEOPLE ARE FRAUDS!! DO NOT BE MISLED BY THEM! HANG UP OR BLOW AN AIR HORN IN THEIR EAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Mar 11th, 2009
I'm on the DO NO CALL LISTS, I'm getting tired of them calling even if they can be classed as a charitable organization. They call at all hours of the day. Other research points to the facts that it is probably a scam run by thieves.
 Mar 10th, 2009
I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST, jerks need to stop.
 Feb 27th, 2009
202-747-7371 nothing to do with breast cancer. FRAUD. SCAM. THIEVES. scam fraud phishing credit cards identity theft crime nigeria nigerian fraud 202-747-7371 scam south america nevada utah california florida tampa miami kansas missouri idaho iowa russia china bahamas 202-747-7371 scam fraud phishing credit cards crime identity theft 202-747-7371 FRAUD
 Feb 23rd, 2009
I answered (I'm a man) and they said, "Mrs. Yates?" I told them I wasn't and they hung up on me!
 Feb 20th, 2009
It's fairly obvious that the BCRF (Breast Cancer Relief Fund) is preying on those who would mistake them for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (who does not solicit via phone)
I'll also bet you can guess who benefits from the Relief Fund?
Please don't contribute (or give information) to someone just because they 'sound' legitimate.
 Feb 13th, 2009
Asked for old owner when I answered, but before I could reply the called laughed and hung up.
 Feb 07th, 2009
Called several times. Never leaves a message.
 Feb 07th, 2009
calls at night, they hang up, leave no message
 Feb 03rd, 2009
called and a small faint voice answered me back after a few seconds saying "hello" and said nothing else, then said nothing else, I asked if they were going to say anything, then they hung up on me... CREEPS!
 Jan 28th, 2009
I resent these calls - they come late at night as well as during the day. A recording comes on first - when they hear my voice of resentment, they hang up
 Jan 28th, 2009
when I picked up, there were several seconds of silence, then a recorded voice said, "thank you. please hold for the next available agent." I hung up.
 Jan 16th, 2009
automated message asking me to hold, then disconnected on its own
 Jan 13th, 2009
Keep getting calls and after 3 rings it hangs up
 Jan 12th, 2009
Several calls on our Caller ID with no messages left. I answered last time and was hung up on.
 Jan 05th, 2009
The BCRF organization does not solicit funds by phone:

The following message is from the web site of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

BCRF is built on donations from individuals, corporations, and organizations for whom lifesaving research is a priority, and we pride ourselves on our relationships with our donors. We do NOT buy mailing lists or engage in telephone solicitations. It has come to our attention that other organizations are using paid fundraisers to make unwanted calls, and identifying themselves as from BCRF. BCRF has not authorized this activity and is trying to stop it. If you receive such a call, please try to obtain as much identifying information as possible (particularly the callback number), so that we may identify the caller and make a formal complaint to the Charities Bureau and state Attorney General.
Jack C
 Dec 29th, 2008
Breast Cancer Research Fund (BCRF)

First call today disconnected after about 45s of Music. Second call there was actually an individual asking for me by name and stating that she was calling for "Breast Cancer Relief Foundation". I told her that I did not like being called by automated devices and to remove my name from their calling list. She responded that would be done.
 Dec 27th, 2008
First call today disconnected after about 45s of Music. Second call there was actually an individual asking for me by name and stating that she was calling for "Breast Cancer Relief Foundation". I told her that I did not like being called by automated devices and to remove my name from their calling list. She responded that would be done.
 Nov 19th, 2008
Recorded music for approximately 45s then a disconnect.
 Nov 19th, 2008
What is BCRF?
 Oct 15th, 2008